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  1. Mariachi Duck

    Heavy Prediction Team

    First off, thanks for posting! 1. It doesn't get used every battle, but it has saved me in many situations. For example, I have used it to take down threats such as Mega Aggron, Hippowdown, Chansey and Magnezone late in the game when I don't have many other options to quickly take them out...
  2. Mariachi Duck

    Heavy Prediction Team

    Hey all! This is my first RMT thread, and I'm only now making one because I've been testing this team for a while and really just enjoying the UU meta. My playstyle is pretty heavily based around capitalizing on free switches, and my teams almost always end up being heavily prediction reliant...
  3. Mariachi Duck

    Pokémon Houndoom

    I've been running MegaDoom on the UU ladder to some effect. I just treat his ability like Florges' or Swampert's ability; it will never/rarely come up, but I'll just use the pokemon for its strengths in other areas. The set I run: Houndoom @ Houndoominite Flash Fire -> Solar Power Nature: +SPE...
  4. Mariachi Duck

    Other The OU Theorymon Project (CLOSED)

    Psychic + Fairy Cresselia How do we propose ideas for things to vote on in the future? I don't want to needlessly clutter up this thread, but I think I have a few neat ideas.
  5. Mariachi Duck

    Pokémon Gardevoir

    I haven't gone through the whole thread, so forgive me if this set has been posited before, but I have been having a lot of luck running this in both OU and UU on Showdown. Gardevoir @ Choice Scarf Ability: Trace EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpAtk / 252 SPE Nature: Timid IVs: 0 ATK - Moonblast -...
  6. Mariachi Duck

    Pokémon Tyrantrum

    As was mentioned, Focus Sash + Head Smash is a poor option. In general, this gen, thanks to the ease of Defogging, Suicide Leads have lost a lot of value (though they were arguably losing their edge at the end of Gen 5). Mamoswine does what you're suggesting with that set much, much better...
  7. Mariachi Duck

    Pokémon Tyrantrum

    Outrunning Scarftran on such a set only matters if you're carrying Earthquake... and since Fire Fang is too important for Ferro/Genesect/Scizor/Skarmory to give up, that means dropping Ice Fang and lowering your overall coverage, esp. vs. DNite, Chomp, Landorus and Gliscor. I'd rather just...
  8. Mariachi Duck

    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    Didn't get to this sooner - I was acting under the assumption that one would use MegaChomp over LOChomp if one wanted the added bulk, sacrificing speed but retaining a lot of the power. +Defenses and no LO recoil makes MegaChomp much more resilient than regular Chomp... which is why I figured...
  9. Mariachi Duck

    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    When the flinch chance is so high, it's almost not hax. Paraflinch has the same chance of burning their turn as Focus Blast has of hitting. I don't think Jirachi or Togekiss is so gamebreaking that they are banworthy - it's not like they're narrowing pick choices in the same way, say, MegaGar or...
  10. Mariachi Duck

    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    There's the Mentor program where someone will help you learn what makes a good team. Other than that, you can test a team on PO until it clicks - I don't think anyone will just offer to build you a team out of a list otherwise.
  11. Mariachi Duck

    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    What's the recommended nature for a mixed Mega Garchomp? I'm thinking of using a set of Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Earthquake and either Iron Head or Stone Edge. I was thinking Brave at first, since his speed drops when he Mega Evolves and I don't want to sacrifice bulk or damage, but 92 speed...
  12. Mariachi Duck

    Pokémon Tyrantrum

    I've been wondering, if I wanted to make an Expert Belt set to take advantage of his Strong Jaw coverage options, what would the ideal set be? Obviously, you're angling for super effective hits to get the Belt boost, so you're not necessarily aiming for the best neutral coverage, which is the...
  13. Mariachi Duck

    Trikx's TradeSpot! 5IV/Hidden Power/Trick Room/VGC Pokemon (CLOSED)

    Well, if you can find 3-5 5 IV pokemon in my thread that you're interested in (including breeding projects, I'll kick em' into gear if you're interested in one of those) I'd like an Entei.
  14. Mariachi Duck

    Magzik's Shiny Shop! *UPDATED With MORE SHINYY* ONLINE

    CMT for Snorunt?
  15. Mariachi Duck

    JayTee's Trading Thread

    CMT for Chimchar and/or Misdreavus?
  16. Mariachi Duck

    Sparta23 Trade Shop

    CMT for Porygon and/or Koffing?
  17. Mariachi Duck

    Trikx's TradeSpot! 5IV/Hidden Power/Trick Room/VGC Pokemon (CLOSED)

    What's your preferred exchange rate for the cloned RNG'd pokemon? CMT for Event Entei
  18. Mariachi Duck

    Mariachi Duck's Trade Thread (Grand Reopening! Vullabies, Bergmites and Flabebes are Go!)

    Timid Pichus are ready for business. Hopefully Pokebank's release and its somewhat shoddy hack filter has not made trading obsolete~
  19. Mariachi Duck

    Other XY OU Viability Ranking Thread (B- and C+ Pokemon discussion)

    I'd like to nominate Mega Manectric for B- rank. It is arguably the best Mega to put on a Volturn team (Massive speed, STAB volt switch and intimidate? yes please), and its stats are perfect for fast hit-and-run. Not only that, but it makes a great Volturn core with the powerful Landorus-T, with...