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  1. blksun

    Resource SV Doubles OU Viability Rankings

    I like this set a lot yeah I can definitely see the use especially at this point in meta. I think it would be cool to see if a mystic water or life orb would be able to OHKO chi-yu with jet. Will definitely lab with this as I hadn't even thought of it.
  2. blksun

    Tournament SV Kickoff Tournament - Won by Xrn

    Contacted as of yesterday
  3. blksun

    Tournament Teamballo II - Player Signups (SV tiers, Custom Avatar Prize)

    Nickname: blksun Tiers: SV LC, SV DOU, SM OU, ORAS OU Timezone: GMT -7 Foreseeable inactivity: N/A
  4. blksun

    Metagame np: SV DOU Stage 0: Start Over

    Would much rather terastal be banned. Given team preview I feel like it is a much easier to predict how a goth will be used to pin vs trying to predict a terablast of any possible type run on one of six mons. To me it seems that should be the focus of the bans. I would also advocate for banning...
  5. blksun

    ADV Cup VIII - Signups