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  1. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 3

    Won 2-1 in 3 good games, got lucky with a miss in r1 though
  2. PO definitely

    PO definitely
  3. I'm actually free to battle now. Tell me if you want me to come on now and which server

    I'm actually free to battle now. Tell me if you want me to come on now and which server
  4. I'm free for up to 14 hour periods on most days as I am on vacation. Kind of have stuff coming...

    I'm free for up to 14 hour periods on most days as I am on vacation. Kind of have stuff coming up next couple of days so we can schedule a time after that
  5. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 2

    Won 2-1 vs Marcelodk
  6. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 1

    Technically my opponent has been on after Dec 22, but only once on Christmas and he did not reply to a PM I had sent out earlier as I had mentioned earlier in the topic.
  7. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 1

    Pm'ed couple of days ago. Havent heard from him yet
  8. Dark Tranquillity - Fiction

    This might just be my favourite melodeath album (and DT is my favourite melodeath band) out there together with Projector. Everything in between was still pretty good but not quite as great and I haven't gotten around to listening to The Gallery. Both Skydancer and Of Chaos and Eternal Night are...
  9. What kind of ipod do you have

    8GB 3rd Gen Nano that I have been using over a year and I can say I am decently pleased with it. Might be small sometimes but I choose not to put my entire music library on my IPod at once so it is fine (like say some songs I know I would never listen to when I am outside).
  10. Favorite Power Metal Bands

    In order of my personal preference: Sonata Arctica Stratovarius Iced Earth Nightwish (if that counts) Kamelot Blind Guardian Hammerfall Helloween (Up to Keys II) All of them are very good
  11. December 21 2012?

    If anything I want to see the detailed explanations of the other 18/25 just for entertainment's sake. Many of the reasonings are so flaw its ridiculously funny (Eg. The physicist one)
  12. Tales of the Abyss Anime

    Well personally neither the animation nor the art stood out to me. From what i have read Abyss's storyline and characters were also pretty weak compared to other Tales games, but then I did not play it personally so I might be wrong here. While it might be one of the best RPG -> Animes, that...
  13. Your favourite anime of 2007?

    Lucky Star. Also the R2 ending was worst than clusterfuck oh my god, best anime this year would probably be Macross Frontier. (unless something really good shows up)
  14. Your Top Played Songs

    I reset my iTunes/ slightly over a month back so here is whats left: 1. Muse - Hysteria 2. Norther - Cry 3. Blackfield - Blackfield 4. Muse - Supermassive Black Hole 5. Muse - Stockholm Syndrome 6. Kalmah - Heroes to Us 7. Sentenced - Killing Me Killing You 8. Sonata Arctica -...
  15. Twenty: A card game I'm sharing with you all

    I really like the game but doesn't the new rule allow the players to know the opponent's hand in Round 2 via memory? In that case it kind of takes some fun away from the game.
  16. FullMetal Alchemist Sequel Announced

    I want a Darker than BLACK sequel the anime was awesome but the ending was so loose ugh
  17. RBY Borderline Tournament (Round 1)

    Apparently my opponent PMed me first then stopped replying...
  18. RBY Borderline Tournament (Round 1)

    He PMed me today, and i told him to come on smogon when i saw it (he was still on forums), but i think he already left, so we will battle over the next few days. Predictions: dynamo vs Holyknight Philbert vs Havak rekt vs sandslash thecrazylazyguy vs Warthog Arkani vs Samus222 Aeroblacktyl vs...