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  1. DM's Hokey Karaoke! (ROUND ONE, SIGNUPS STILL OPEN)

    hell yeah baby!!
  2. Hey, are you able to battle now?

    Hey, are you able to battle now?
  3. [Big Game] close_closest_signups Mafia

    big IN because mekkah said I should o......................O
  4. If you mean 7 PM, then sure!

    If you mean 7 PM, then sure!
  5. Hey dude, it seems that we have to battle for Team Trials. Is it possible for you to battle...

    Hey dude, it seems that we have to battle for Team Trials. Is it possible for you to battle tomorrow?
  6. Team Trials III - Signups

    yes... YES confirming
  7. DespotarsSuspect sent out RMT!

    I actually just battled you like an hour ago? The team looks good, but you have trouble with specs Jolteon after your own one goes down (which is highly possible with Life Orb and no recovery). Life Orb Gengar can also do a number to your team, but I guess you can revenge it with Jolteon. You...
  8. The World Cup of Pokemon V - Signup Thread [UPDATED With Captains(Post #2)]

    Shoddybattle Username: dwie (because some random ass took GonE already :( ) Country/State of Residence: The Netherlands Nationality: Dutch/Vietnamese Other Eligibility: Vietnam (there should be a Vietnamese team!)
  9. Jokes

    An English, a Canadian and an Australian are on a deserted island. One day, the English guy found a bottle in it. This was not a normal bottle, it had a genie in it who could fulfill 1 wish for each person. The English guy found the bottle, so he could wish first. He wished he was home with...
  10. The Counter Game

    God you guys suck.. most pokemon on this page aren't even counters :/.
  11. The Counter Game

    That is not even close to a counter.
  12. The Counter Game

    Ancient Power is special, and I think Gyara will be in problem especially if Heatran gets a boost in.
  13. sucker-taunting

    Me first doesn't have a speed modifier, so using it with Brave is not really a good idea =/.
  14. sucker-taunting

    Too bad the set you posted doesn't have HP Fire.
  15. Zelda Phantom Hourglass Discussion

    I like this game. Unlike the previous posters, I really LOVE the controls. You get used to it very quick. The puzzles are fun too, although not really that hard. Wifi is quite fun. I just tried it with Carl yesterday and I really enjoy it.
  16. The Counter Game

    @Pneuma: who cares? This is the counter games and sets like that make the game more interesting (the counter game that is). Magcargo Lava Plume Earthpower Light Screen Yawn
  17. The Counter Game

    Heatran can't switch into aggron because of focus punch, and lapras gets hit with Stab Rock Blast.
  18. The Counter Game

    You must assume the worst case scenario, so it would use his STAB Fire move, so that is not a counter. You can't say "it just use his move on the previous pokemon", because that is not what this game is about. Same with the Articuno. It has to SWITCH IN so it can't sub before sleep...
  19. The Counter Game

    Won't like begin asleep and/or leeched. Focus Blast is also Neutral on Articuno.
  20. The Counter Game

    With that spread, Gyara needs to dance a few times up to actually hurt slowbro. Not to mention Slowbro has a recovery move. Gyara, however, doesn't and will eventually die to +1 Slowbro (worst case scenario, Gyara switches in on Calm Mind).