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  1. CAP 31 - Art Submissions

    So many creative entries! Here is mine :) Final submission It is based on head-carrying, indian culture, matka pots (indian clay water pots) and strong motherly figures. I see this pokémon as a very joyfull and caring pokémon and it is often busy taking care of others. Frequently they travel...
  2. CAP 30 - Part 13 - CAP 30b Sprite Poll 2

    noobiess Quanyails Bloopyghost
  3. CAP 30 - Part 13 - CAP 30i Sprite Poll

    Quanyails Bloopyghost NB402141 Quanyails really knock it out off the park for me!
  4. CAP 30 - Part 13 - CAP 30b Sprite Poll 1

    noobiess Quanyails Bloopyghost Yokaiju NB402141 I would be happy if any of these sprite would be the official one, they all look great to me!
  5. CAP 30 - Part 13 - CAP30b Sprite Submissions

    Final Submission Totally lost track of my color count apparently, so I had to remove some colors. Good luck to everybody! I really like a lot of the sprites posted here!
  6. CAP 30 - Part 13 - CAP30b Sprite Submissions

    Made a backsprite: Can you read it? Or did I make the font size too small ;-p Some general comments: If somebody asked me to guess the typing, solely based on the design I would guess something like ghost/poison with levitate. So while making the sprite, I tried to emphasize the...
  7. CAP 30 - Part 13 - CAP30b Sprite Submissions

    I did an attempt at cap30b: It was more challenging then expected, but I had fun making it ^^ I tried to make it as small as possible, because in the end it is still a book. Also tried to include most details from the original design, like the waves on the ink.
  8. CAP 30 - Art Poll 1

    StephXPM Felis Licht Yokaiju A_Magical_Liopleurodon Golurkyourself Quanyails Pipotchi K. Roolest Shark Grovylelover Gravity Monkey Unsee Amamama DougJustDoug Sunfished
  9. CAP 28 - Art Poll 4

  10. CAP 28 - Art Poll 3

    Quanyails Amamama BlorengeRhymes
  11. CAP 28 - Art Poll 2

    Quanyails Amamama StephXPM Yokaiju Gravity Monkey
  12. CAP 28 - Art Poll 1

    Yokaiju StephXPM Quanyails Amamama Stitch98 Gravity Monkey noobiess Spook Sunfished Mos-Quitoxe flying moose
  13. CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission Supporting Material Design Justification The concept is that this pokémon collects small particles from the surroundings and forms an orb-like structure to strike foes. At high altitude, the pokémon throws this ball near unsuspecting prey causing a giant smoke cloud, thereby...
  14. CAP27 - Part 10 - Sprite Poll 1

    noobiess MrDollSteak Quanyails Nice work everyone! MrDollSteak's sprite is really solid!!
  15. CAP 27 - Part 9 - Sprite Submissions

    Final submission Might do so some minor tweaks if I find the time but I like how it turned out generally. MrDollSteak Love the final result! Nice job! Slapperfish I'm impressed on how much progress you have made in such short time! Hope to see some other spritework from you in the future...
  16. CAP 27 - Part 9 - Sprite Submissions

    Here is another (probably final) update: --> I worked on two poses: one that bends more forward (more pokemon style) and one that leans more backwards (more lizard style). Not sure what pose to choose though... but probably will go for the left one as the pose is a bit more dynamic. Also...
  17. CAP 27 - Part 9 - Sprite Submissions

    Okay. I have to admit I went a little overboard with the proportions. I'm sorry I'm just a big-frill-kind-of-guy I guess: --> Tried the open mouth but not really sure what I prefer. Also impressed about Amamama sprite skills! I wish my first sprites were as good as yours! Slapperfish: your...
  18. CAP 27 - Part 9 - Sprite Submissions

    It was much harder than I thought, and still don't think I completely nailed it, so comments are more than welcome. Hopefully I also have time to do the backsprite. We'll see... Ps: If that is your first time spriting Slapperfish, that is awesome!!
  19. Thank you for the heads up! I'm pretty bad at these kind of stuff but I think I fixed it ;-)

    Thank you for the heads up! I'm pretty bad at these kind of stuff but I think I fixed it ;-)
  20. CAP27 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission ...That annoying bully that somehow managed to be popular in school... ...The girl who seeks attention by getting herself a shiny new belly button ring.. ...That instagram guy who gets all the likes by posting pictures of his abbs the whole...