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  1. LightningLord2

    Resource SS OU Good Cores

    Dracovish + Ferrothorn + Mimikyu An offensive core that serves me well in singles and doubles. Dracovish is generally known to shatter any defensive Pokémon not immune to Fishious Rend, while Ferrothorn can slap down any Pokémon with a water-stopping ability. The Assault Vest makes it really...
  2. LightningLord2

    Pokémon Kommo-o

    Has someone tried this set yet? Kommo-o @ Leftovers Ability: Bulletproof EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpDef Impish Nature -Iron Defense -Body Press -Stealth Rock -Dragon Tail / Drain Punch / Shadow Claw A really bulky tank that can also dish out lots of damage with Body Press.
  3. LightningLord2

    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    I think Lusamine might be good at keeping a Poker face, which is why we haven't seen any signs of her true colors in the anime yet (in fact, the only real sign you get about that during the first encounter with her in-game is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.) Feels like the most likely...
  4. LightningLord2

    GSC In-Game Tier List

    atsync Skarmory does get Steel Wing as an attacking move - it deals with Rock-Types and is neutral to most other things, with the main problem being Water (Skarm doesn't want to take on Fire- or Electric-Types and opposing Steel-Types are rare). It also lacks the setup time Fly has (although tbf...
  5. LightningLord2

    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    Tracey is a Pokémon artist - his goal was making drawings of the various unique Pokémon found on the Orange Islands. It's true that this isn't too ambitious of a goal, but he did encounter some exceptional Pokémon there. He then settles down with Professor Oak to help with his research as he is...
  6. LightningLord2

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 2 - Typing Discussion

    I'm advocating for Pure Electric myself: Pros: -Super-Effective STAB against Toxapex, Tapu Fini, Skarmory, Celesteela and Tomohawk, among others. -Pure Electric only has one weakness, limiting which offensive mons can switch into it (the primary way of handling trapping moves). -Electric...
  7. LightningLord2

    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    I see you watched The RThor's video about that? Yeah, his assessment that Ash's battle style is basically "generic anime protag style" is fairly spot-on. Still, he favors faster Pokémon over defensive/hard-hitting ones. The problem with less battles that Pikachu315111 mentions is that Pokémon...
  8. LightningLord2

    In-Game Trainer Fight Club: Predicting battles

    Here's my analysis: Manga Red vs. Game Red For this matchup, I'll use Game!Red's HG/SS team unchanged, while giving Manga!Red his six highest Pokémon - seems there's some canon in what moves are currently known (along with some filler if there's a lack of clarity): Pika (Pikachu) - Level 88...
  9. LightningLord2

    Metagame Scalemons

    I'm talking about one move like Ice Beam to not be entirely passive - a set like Toxic/Soft-Boiled/Stealth Rock/Seismic Toss is 100% outclassed by Chansey.
  10. LightningLord2

    Metagame Scalemons

    Chansey - 250/8/8/61/183/88 Blissey - 255/11/11/90/162/66 Chansey's blobbiness seems to go up enough to still hold off special attacks. Blissey has enough Special Attack to deal with the special attackers, which seem to be much on the frail side. Chansey is better as a pure wall due to higher...
  11. LightningLord2

    In-Game Trainer Fight Club: Predicting battles

    Something I've done recently was taking various in-game trainers and matching them up to see who would win. Specifically, I analyzed various Gym Leaders to see if their teams would be able to beat the next gym leader in line (I didn't check if the 8th Gym Leader of any gen could take on one or...
  12. LightningLord2

    The Hardest Pokémon to Catch?

    Try Shiny hunting for Manaphy - you only get one Manaphy per Pokémon Ranger cartridge (and you have to beat the game and complete a bonus mission) and with the way the transfer works, you cannot Soft Reset to try and get another. OM! FRLG Abra can be stopped by Arena Trap and Taunt, whereas in...
  13. LightningLord2

    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    My thoughts to the Lillie discussion: 1. I'm already 100% convinced that there's no chance Nebby will make it into the anime, save for maybe two episodes tops - Nebby was specifically designed to fill the mascot Pokémon role in-game just like Togepi, Piplup and Axew (among others) used to in...
  14. LightningLord2

    Favorite Pokemon Cry?

    Why hasn't there been any DELELELELELE WHOOOOOP yet? Cricketune probably has one of the famous cries ever. Either way, I like the old-school cry of Steelix because it sounds like a cat purring.
  15. LightningLord2

    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    Iris being different in the anime being completely different is nothing surprising given that Anime characters in general tend to be either slightly off or completely different characters resembling their game counterpart in name only. Also, being bratty is still preferrable over the complete...
  16. LightningLord2

    R/S/E In-Game Tier List Discussion

    Sceptile is the one that is ahead of the other grass-types. Before that, you have a mon that has no offensive power at all and is too frail to really 1v1 anything unless it has a decisive level/type advantage, which is also the case for the likes of Zigzagoon and Poochyena. And yes, it does...
  17. LightningLord2

    R/S/E In-Game Tier List Discussion

    Treecko for Low/Mid. Yes, sure it's a starter, but it's horrible. Availability: Starter. That's probably the one thing it has going for. Stats/Movepool: Treecko overall gets a fairly solid physical movepool with Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Earthquake and Slash, except it's meant to be a special...
  18. LightningLord2

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Can somebody find me an old article I once read on smogon? All I remember is that it was about misconceptions about playing Pokémon competitively and that it referred to Regice as a hunk of ice you'd scrape off of your car's windshield.
  19. LightningLord2

    Pokémon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum In-game Tier List Discussion

    Why is Tentacool so low? Sure it comes a bit late, but Tentacruel has quite decent stats (average Special Attack, but good speed) and also some coverage options in Giga Drain and Ice Beam. It also does okay vs. Aaron and Candice, it falls vs. Volkner, can handle Bertha and Flint (be careful with...
  20. LightningLord2

    Challenge I Think I May Have Discovered a New Way of Dealing the Most Damage Possible in Pokemon

    Use Reshiram for attacking and have it use Overheat.