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  1. Slayerboy752

    Tournament PUWC III - Commencement Thread

    I’m writing this as a casual player based in the US, and I really feel bad for Team LA/Spain. Yes, 12 teams were determined before the November 6 deadline. However, teams LA/Spain are being left out even though they followed the rules given to them, so it’s understandable why those players would...
  2. Slayerboy752

    Tournament PUWC III - Signups [Custom Avatar Prize] [SIGNUPS NOW CLOSING NOVEMBER 6]

    Name: Slayerboy752 Tiers Played: SS / SM Eligibility: West Significant Time Missed: No Interested in Captaincy: No
  3. Slayerboy752

    Smogon Champions League II - Player Signups [Auction August 28th @ 1 PM GMT -4]

    Player Name: Slayerboy752 Tiers Played: SS PU, SS NU Timezone: GMT-8 PS! Username: Slayerboy752