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  1. Enjoyer Of Steels

    Metagame Fortemons

    Assuming I did the calcs properly, this would give each use of rock blast about a 24% chance of an omni boost, or about 26.7% when it hits. I honestly thought it would be higher, but even on a 5 roll it's only about 41%. Still seems like an incredible meme set and shows how wild this OM is.
  2. Enjoyer Of Steels

    Project SV OU - Victim of the Week - Paused

    Check: :meowscarada: Counter::amoonguss:
  3. Enjoyer Of Steels

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion

    Holy shit, over 300 messages on here in just a few hours. I didn't vote and would have been just fine with team preview but am pretty happy seeing no action on tera. I've really enjoyed both watching and playing this gen so far, plus the absolute hysteria over this decision is fucking hilarious.