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  1. Charity bowl chall mimilimi on smogtours

    Charity bowl chall mimilimi on smogtours
  2. Smogon Charity Bowl V - Signups

  3. Tournament UU Snake Draft IV - Player Signups

    mimilimi Sv ss +2
  4. SV OU Driblim Grassy screen HO +2000

    Ah i forgot Edit : added
  5. SV OU Driblim Grassy screen HO +2000

    Since olt is finished, I'll be able to do a few rmts on the teams I've been asked about most, starting with this one, which is, in my opinion, the strongest and which is destroying the current top teams : the big drifblim screen! Introduction : I don't usually build screens, which is why the...
  6. Draft Draft LC Cup 1 - Signups

    Discord Tag .mimilimi Time Zone GMT+2
  7. Ye

  8. I sub un clem for randbatt wcop

    I sub un clem for randbatt wcop
  9. SCL III - Player Signups [USE THE FORM LINKED IN THE OP TO SIGN UP] [Auction September 17th @ 2 PM GMT -4]

    User name: mimilimi Tiers NOT Played (binding) SV DOU, SV NU, SV PU, SV LC Tiers Preferred (not binding) SV OU, SV UU Time Zone GMT+2
  10. STAB STABmons Seasonal - Round 5 (Losers) [Replays Required]

    Extension request please
  11. Official SV OU Suspect Process - Round 5 Voting

    Kingambit: Do Not Ban
  12. Announcement SV OU Suspect Process, Round 5 - Voter Identification Thread

    Confirming as lt101lk mimilimi Srn edit: confirmed
  13. Tournament World Cup of Randbats 2023 - Player Signups

    PS name: mimilimi Country/Region: france Other Eligibility: no Foreseen inactivity: none Formats played: All
  14. STAB STABmons Seasonal - Round 3 (Losers) [Replays Mandatory] Won ggs
  15. NU NeverUsed Ladder Tournament VIII - Cycle 2

    Forum name: mimilimi Cycle 2 Alt: NT82JM mimilimi Does my alt for Cycle 2 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: yes
  16. Rn ye

    Rn ye