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  1. A Jolt of Fire (misleading title) OU RMT

    (Things in red are where I nitpick. Blue... not so much.) You're right, with the EV spread and set, Heatran doesn't need the Speed... But it does need a nature other than Modest to help with Explosion's power. You MAY lose some power with the -Atk nature it has right now. If you want some extra...

    I've only found one thing I dislike about your team (a rarity for me.:naughty:) On Infernape, I've found that Flamethrower works better than Fire Blast. Reasons: (This is so I don't get modded on every single post I made back about a year ago.) Accuracy. Flamethrower has better accuracy. Since...
  3. The Everything NFL Thread - 2009

    Makes me happy that the Packers are in the NFC, not AFC. Also, who wouldn't want to leave the Raiders?
  4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl Discussion Thread

    I kind of wish Roy was still in Brawl... You could just spam Up+B forever in Melee.
  5. best NBA player at each position, of all time

    PG - Magic Johnson SG - Michael Jordan SF - Larry Bird PF - Tim Duncan C - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  6. Now Playing 2: The Return of Music

    Damn Yankees - Rock City.
  7. Worst Sports Fans

    Canadians are passionate about their teams to a fault. Most of them are what you said. However, I can't believe no one has mentioned Oakland's fans yet. Just looking at this, does that give you the impression that they are nice at all? Even so, there are some cool fans there:
  8. The Everything NFL Thread - 2009

    well, the only thing that can make me even less happy now is that if the Packers lose to the Seahawks. Even though that's unlikely, anything can happen if the defense plays as badly as it did yesterday...
  9. Moral Inconsistency: Idiots and Retards

    RETARD: n. Offensive Slang 1. Used as a disparaging term for a mentally retarded person. 2. A person considered to be foolish or socially inept. MORON: n. A stupid person; a dolt. After looking theough a couple websites, a retard is someone who has a learning disability, is menally...
  10. Now Playing 2: The Return of Music

    Somebody's Out There - Triumph. Classic song, classic band.
  11. F1 2009

    Ferarri let him leave. It's not his choice, it's that Ferarri cut him.
  12. The Everything NFL Thread - 2009

    LOL what? Broncos were one of the best, and still are. Oh, the Packers lost to Pittsburg by one point.(36-37) CRAP. Why the defense was really bad (484 throwing yards for Big Ben) I have no idea.
  13. What d'you think of when you listen to music?

    Added something new: How Chris Henry's family, kids, and fiancee are doing.
  14. Now Playing 2: The Return of Music

    Red Tide - Rush. Sounds kind of sad, but I like it.
  15. The Everything NFL Thread - 2009

    This is the way I feel about the packers' season. The Steelers are right now a pushover for anyone (LOL losses to browns,raiders,) but I don't think it's entirely because Polamalu is out. I think the morale of the team took a hit becuase of the loss to Oakland. that's what started thier decline...
  16. The Prince of The Sea Makes His Glorious Return...Suspect RMT

    I don't think the description stated above fits with the actual stats. You have no physical moves, yet there are Atk EV's anyway. Flamethrower is better than Fire Blast, due to the better reliability. You might want to go with these EV's, if you want to keep eveything else the same. 4 Atk...
  17. What d'you think of when you listen to music?

    I try and see how the song is created using the different instruments. A lot of ttimes I'm trying to guess which instruments are being used. Also, I think about anything that comes to mind.
  18. Now Playing 2: The Return of Music

    Scars - Rush.
  19. The Everything NFL Thread - 2009

    chris Henry dead.... Wow. Anyway, what do you guys think of the Packers' chances in the playoffs?
  20. Ouch on C1. Serious carnage inside. Poor guys...