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  1. Ladder Mix and Mega

    IDK if it has been suggested but Pidgeotite Tornadus-t?
  2. Genmons [Playable on rom!]

    I like the sound of this meta but one question so I'm assuming pokemon who got their signature moves at a later generation work like is that not allowed
  3. Ability Unity!

    What about the same pokemon different forms mainly genies or giratina, kyruems 3 forms, Also some things that popped in my mind drought moltres (works like zard-y more or less), kinda stupid but tech durant, drought any other pure fire type with drought Darm?, sheer force vaporeon, I know it...
  4. Mega REvolution

    I didn't read every page but from what i read nobody said anything about smeargle, like i was thinking Megahorn, Gunk Shot, Hone Claws/Coil, Filler---> Mega Beedrill Or the Likes of Nasty Plot, Hurricane, Zap Cannon, Filler (Hydro Pump, Focus Miss, Blizzard, Inferno/Fire Blast, Boomburst...
  5. Mergemons XY - Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion are Legal

    I don't know if anybody else noticed it how bout HJK haryiama or e-speed rampardos or even the fact that Kingler has access to waterfall/poison jab/iron head and access to both shift gear and Dragon dance.... / Also nasty plot manectric and boomburst exeggutor caught my eye
  6. Metagamiate!

    yes im also surprised nobody brought poison heal facade breloom or mega chomp with something (maybe return/frustration or DE) idk i didnt think that last one through all the way but still scary
  7. OU Theorymon

    I did a ctrl+f on the pages and looked for it on the thread so far but what if darmanitan-z was a seprate form like shaymin or rotom or something else. When i looked up OU theorymon one example was Meloetta-P so i mean it in that sense
  8. Inactive 6th Gen Damage Calculator

    its good but is there anyway that triple battles and weaker moves/other items can be included because I used psypokes calc and if it did my numbers right may have found a combination with more damage than Ice ball shuckle and i dont want to do it by hand to confirm it
  9. Alphabet Cup

    didnt think that way but i meant as an uber physically attacking wall... Max hp max def.. plus attack boost contrary lefties and slack off
  10. Alphabet Cup

    To add on on to the BS line scary thought superpower shuckle with slack off stealth rocks and any thing else
  11. Pokémon Avalugg

    and would it need +6 att if avalugg was at base or if it was at +6 def
  12. Pokémon Avalugg

    Oh i thought it was aimed at me since right before that I posted that it eats BP
  13. Pokémon Avalugg

    So Chesnaught is that for me or against me? and if its for me are you saying you agree with me? and I can't tell are the calculations taken in to count for if recover is used and/or defense boosts?
  14. Pokémon Avalugg

    i feel like some of this is true because ( yeah I know I'm pushing it mainly cause I've used it and it works) but an Iron Defense set really is useable I mean eat can can easily eat Tech boosted BPs from Scizor and probably Iron heads and fire punch from Physical Jirochi's but thats all i can...
  15. Pokémon Medicham

    A set that seems semi-usable would be EVs: 96hp 252att and 160 speed. Nature: Adament or Jolly Moves HJK Bulk Up Zen Headbutt Bullet Punch or maybe some other punch like t punch Also i feel like if your willing to risk the recoil from HJK for accuracy Dynamicpunch may work, in my opinion
  16. Pokémon Avalugg

    Also has access to iron defense and If weather wasnt nerfed it it could make use of its other ability ice body
  17. Data Old Pokemon With New Abilities : How Will it Affect Them?

    Scolopede just replaced ninjask because 2x sr rather than 4x and it has decent defenses
  18. Other 6th Gen Pokemon OU Candidate Speculation Thread

    Well looking at the stats of all of the megas now I'm gonna throw in Gyarados, possibly heracross moving back to into OU and Kangaskahn moving up
  19. Other 6th Gen Pokemon OU Candidate Speculation Thread

    Im saying Mawile will be due to its mega. With Huge Power Boost it has highest attack stat in game. It also has some bulk. The only thing that is keeping it back is its Hp and Speed. but then again you could probably make a bulky set with low hp i mean its hp is on par with deoxys
  20. Other 6th Gen Pokemon OU Candidate Speculation Thread

    If we are allowed to talk about mega's i think mawile will go OU due to mega evolution... its base attack alone is more than azumarill's and then with its mega it's doubled azumarill's so that plus huge power. If it were to run a SD Iron head set it could do some serious damage even probably to...