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  1. Metagame Partners in Crime

    Is a core that abuses Rock Head good? Like Blacephalon and Steelix? UPDATE: Mind Blown apparently doesnt count as a recoil move so it doesnt work.
  2. Project Metagame Workshop (OM Submissions CLOSED)

    What if there was an OM kinda like Linkmons but with items instead of abilities? I would call it Bagmons. Knock Off would permanently eliminate 1 random item from this pool even if the mon that had the item switches back in, it's going to apply to that one mon only to keep things balanced...
  3. Metagame Partners in Crime

    I did not see that in the banlist lol
  4. Metagame Partners in Crime

    I was trying to make the most op thing i could think of in this metagame, how about a core of Melmetal+Perrserker+Bronzong/Melmetal I made a quick pokepaste of a set with this. Edit:Oops i forgot evs for bronzong