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  1. CAP 14 CAP 3 - Part 2 - Typing Discussion

    I would like to suggest the Rock/Ground from 2typing for a few reasons: -Firstly, Rock and ground types are generally slow eg. Gigalith and Hippowdon. Put them together, and they are also really slow eg. Rhyperior and Golem. For this reason. Their brilliant attack and defense stats are...
  2.  The Smeargle's Studio Music Megathread

    This is really good stuff guys. I am a clarinetist and a soprano/alto/tenor (I can sing all three!), and i can also play a little bit of the keyboard. I will try to post some of my music at some point but I am more of an instrumental composer because I can't get my head around lyrics. I am...
  3. CAP 14 CAP 3 - Concept Submissions

    I would just like to comment on this view. I can see where you got the idea that my submission would be too much like a Staraptor but the only ability staraptor can have is intimidate. I was thinking more along the lines of boosting damage. Sure, you can have it learn a couple of recoil moves...
  4. CAP 14 CAP 3 - Concept Submissions

    Name: Emo Fighter General Description: This Pokemon makes brilliant use of moves/items that deal damage to the user without negating the negative effects to make room for things that boost damage. Justification: A lot of moves are generally powerful or have good effects but come at a...
  5. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Final Product

    This was the first CAP project that I have participated in, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all of you for the great competition and fun that I had in contributing to this CAP! In all seriousness, I love the way that Necturine turned out in the end. Congrats go to the winners of the...
  6. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 9 - Sprite Poll 1

    Juicebox 001 chrysthehamster zyrefredric Quanyails Ice-cold Claws
  7. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 (DS, June in JP, Fall in EU/NA/AU) - Updated May 12th

    I can't wait to get these games!!! I wonder when they come out in Africa, though.....
  8. Chrysthehamster's ART!

    Wow, this is some really good art chrys! If ur taking requests, could you do a picture of a Garchomp? He's just really cool!
  9. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 8.1 - Pokédex entry poll 1

    phoopes Asylum_Rhapsody Kaprikorn MikaDo bugmaniacbob full points for humour bugmaniacbob!
  10. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 8 - Dex entry submissions

    Final Submission: Necturine: The morbid Pokemon Black:These pokemon are often solitary during the day. However, they come out of hiding in great numbers at night to eat and socialize. White:Necturine live in and around areas where people or Pokemon are buried. They prey on any small...
  11. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 8 - Dex entry submissions

    Necturine: The morbid pokemon Black: These pokemon are often solitary during the day. However, they come out of hiding in great numbers at night. White: When these pokemon come out at night, they are know to sap the energy of others whilst they are sleeping.
  12. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 5 - Sprite submissions

    This is my Final Submission! Thank you very much to all those who helped me improve it! You guys rule!!!
  13. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 5 - Sprite submissions

    I have finally managed to close the gap in the leaf on the top as suggested by Quanyails. I agree, it does make it look better. I also tried to redo the leaf's eyes and I shaded the front right leg as proposed by MikaDo. I still need more opinions on the shiny colours. Please!!!!!
  14. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 5 - Sprite submissions

    Personally, I really like the new backsprite! Good job! I dunno cuz i'm not brilliant bu to me the shading looks a tad off on the front sprite from good roundness. (My shading was like that earlier, I got asked to change it and it made my sprite look better) Again, this is my personal opinion...
  15. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 5 - Sprite submissions

    Thanks this time go to Quanyails and paintseagull. I have edited the shading slightly. Made the contour on the back sprite lighter, have fixed the right 'petal' and have made the leaf less symmetrical. I have also included another idea for a shiny form. Please let me know which ones you like...
  16. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 6.3 - Name poll 3

    Whisberry Necturine sounds too much like a little girl for me.
  17. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 5 - Sprite submissions

    My thanks go to Quanyails for informing me that my picture format was bad before the time ran out and to Mos-Quitoxe for telling me what to do about it. These are my sprites for CAP-2's Pre-evo mark two. I have upgraded the shading on both the front and back sprites to make them look more round...
  18. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 5 - Sprite submissions

    Quanyails, mentioned that i'd have to redo my sprite in a lossless format. I just don't know what that is. Could you please clarify? (forgive me if I sound like a pokemon spriting noob. I'm new to this!!!) I'll try to make the back sprites look more round aswell.
  19. CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 6.2 - Name poll 2

    Nectite I just like this better...