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  1. Gen 3 BP's Bane

    Sub/Punch/HP bug/Rock slide Tyranitar problems, imo I also wouldn't push your luck against DDtar, steelix may take a few hits, but skarm and Celebi (And dusclops too, to an extent) give it free switches
  2. LAMT: Ubers

    I'd use Water spout over Surf as it'll be doing more damage most of the time iirc. It'll also ease your problems with both Deo-L and Lugia as it almost ohkos both of them Also, i'm not sure but i remember Pearl orb being a 1.2 boost and not 1.5 which would reduce considerably the damage Palkia...
  3. Double Team, OHKO, Wobbuffet

    Voted 'none of the above' I'm pretty sure that even if we get to test these things, they will most likely get banned. The only thing that has a chance is wobba, but given that it most likely has at least one guaranteed kill makes me think it'll still be considered uber, despite Beautiful skin...
  4. DT

    i think Sub/Swords dance/Double team/Dragon claw gabu is kinda scary if you have sandstorm backing you up, but yea, in general it has better things to do. I agree, though that what makes DT broken is the ability to BP away
  5. Smogon Tour Time! [Jirachi] [Site Updated With New Schedule]

    i don't really see why should jirachi be banned; it's not as hard to counter as celebi, and has a much more limited movepool
  6. Secret Santa Round 2

    MoP beat me. Didn't save the log, but i don't think it's needed. His team had a big advantage over mine
  7. Secret Santa Pokemon Team Tournament (GSE) Round 1

    i doubt anyone here uses the same team they submitted, anyway
  8. Secret Santa Pokemon Team Tournament (GSE) Round 1

    won 2-0 against pilocus' own team gg man
  9. Official "I want to edit an analysis" thread (read first post)

    flygon is quite cool in ubers, a semi decent groudon counter, actually
  10. Official "I want to edit an analysis" thread (read first post)

    CB flygon should have hp bug as alternatives in the first set. Imo, it's a much better choice than dragon claw (which doesn't hit anything hard) and quick attack (which will be rarely used). CB hp bug 2hkos flygon's biggest counter, claydol, and ohkos celebi, another common switch in for EQs...
  11. Great Smogon Exchange Sign Ups

    in, team sent
  12. Playoffs Season 3: Championship [Won by Veteran In Love]

    peter_pan vs Anyone Warthog vs Lesm46 Aeolus vs VIL Giga Punch vs SSBM roy
  13. Official "I want to edit an analysis" thread (read first post)

    imo, skarmory should be removed from aerodactyl's counter list. I mean what is exactly skarm going to do to aero? drill peck does shit, and roaring it away isn't countering, specially when cb rock slide does plenty of damage donphan could possibly be added over skarm, as it resists rock slide...
  14. Tournament Idea to see Interest.

    sounds cool, although heracross could be kinda hard to beat with megahorn and brick break
  15. Official "I want to edit an analysis" thread (read first post)

    some of the counters in the counter section seem a bit incomplete and could add a few more; here's what i've thought: Venusaur: gengar is a reliable counter for the standard venusaur, if the sleep has been absorbed, as sludge bomb/razor leaf hits NVE, and gengar dents it with ice punch. Hp...
  16. Playoffs Season 2 Championship [Won by Pokemon Professor]

    heh, gj 0ma. You surprised most people
  17. Official "I want to edit an analysis" thread (read first post)

    Heracross can´t afford Swords dance because it needs rock slide to kill Rayquazza and Ho-oh