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  1. Shurtugal

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    I believe Tera Preview would solve a lot of issues. Namely, Volcarona would be OU, but besides the point: tera preview removes the shock element of tera, only allowing for skill expression to exist. VGC's open team sheet is a perfect example of this, and many VGC players prefer this format in...
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    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    This is what I mean by Quick Claw being a cost opportunity item that is often not worth it.... people really saying they'll use Quick Claw over Flame Orb on Ursaluna....
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    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    No, Kingambit is still stupid without tera, it can easily just run a resist berry over Boots & will accomplish more or less the same thing. This mon's ability is just too strong, and the only way around Gambit is preserving its counter for endgame, because there is 0 way to prevent the 5+...
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    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    Kingambit is incredibly broken. This Pokemon has very limited counterplay, as it is able to reverse sweep any team for almost free under the right circumstances. There's no way to counter its ability, which rewards the Gambit player for essentially playing bad, and its speed tier is just...
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    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    Didn't you vote Do Not Ban on Volcarona, like less than a week ago? I understand Volcarona is worthy of being voted on or discussed, but I am concerned about what could have changed your opinion in this short time frame? I understand your voting on Banning Volcarona in the next vote, what I am...
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    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    RIP Regiekeli, you will be missed as the one out of two viable hazard removal options for heavy offense. I can't say I'm surprised that Regi got banned, but it seems pretty weird that Magearna escaped the quickban too. Also --- serioiusly, I haven't played in ages, and I come back to ladder &...
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    happy new year to you too old friend, let's hang out soon!

    happy new year to you too old friend, let's hang out soon!
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    Terastallization Tiering Discussion

    I want to echo what others have been saying: not enough time has passed for players to truly understand Terastilization & how it is going to effect the metagame as a whole. I'll talk about how I feel about the Tiering Actions mentioned in OP in a moment, but first I want to comment about the...
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    Research Scarlet & Violet Battle Mechanics Research

    This should be correct. Protosynthesis do not work like a normal stat boost, they're sort of independent. (You can boost to +6 while under the benefits of Protosynthesis). I think it works sort of like the legendary quad's abilities, where your base stat is being boosted, but it's independent of...
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    Research Scarlet & Violet Battle Mechanics Research

    I can confirm Doodle doesn't work on Zero to Hero (I had Palafin & Grimm against Doodle mon + Slaking on cart). I'd need someone to double check but it kept failing, so I'm assuming they had no valid target (prankster Doodle failing vs Grimm, and failing vs Zero to Hero)
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    i see 6 years later they have updated to Sombra, and I approve

    i see 6 years later they have updated to Sombra, and I approve
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    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Question: has anyone else been receiving an issue where the ads are blocking the game chat, and cannot be removed? Attaching an image below. Asking here because unsure where to post (please forgive me). EDIT: it shows a black X, but clicking it on mobile does nothing at all.
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    Re: King’s Rock (and other “luck items”)

    Have there been tournament games or similar events that have been heavily effected by Kings Rock? I think it would be helpful if someone could catalog a resource like that for this thread. It would help having proof of its impact vs seemingly hyperbolic statements
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    On unjustified tourbans, unprofessionalism from TDs, and revisiting the tourban appeal process

    I think the issue with the appeal system is how easily it can be abused by the people who are cheating (i.e. they have nothing to lose by appealing). Wasting time or fabricating evidence to try to get out of trouble, we've pretty much seen it all. I think appealing is healthy when discussing the...
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    Leek in SS NU

    I've been playing NU a fair bit lately (I'm that Butterfree person), and I just wanted to echo what the others have said in that Leek is not worth banning. Here are the reasons why: It isn't Fetch's best item, which in itself is evidence that Leek is not overpowering/overbearing. Fetch is...
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    RBY UU Dragonite Suspect Test [Dragonite remains UU]

    Why not just suspect APT before Dragonite, if it is just going to end up being suspected anyway? This would make it easier to preserve Dragonite, which seems to be considered healthy outside of APT, and subsequently suspect Dragonite should it be too much after ATP? Suspecting Dragonite only...
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    Re: King’s Rock (and other “luck items”)

    On what grounds can King's Rock be banned? I thought you'd have to prove that King's Rock is broken on everything that uses it, but instead I am only hearing about 1-3 viable Pokemon that can run it, and none of which are overwhelming in current gen OU. It is just scary to me that the council...
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    Project SS NU Bazaar: Post your teams here!

    Hey! I'm pretty new to this tier, but in less than 4 days I built a team that got me to 1500s. (Been laddering on "Lagrienzo"). You can find the team here. (Sorry for formating, currently on my phone:) This is a Sash Spam team that basically plays like ORAS OU 123456 style. Archeops is used...
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Council Minutes hasn't been updated since Feburary. As a player new to NU, not sure where I can go to keep up with its current state? Does council plan to update council minutes soon?