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  1. DynamoDuskull

    *gets hate messages after bashing a community. Plays the victim* Verlisify in a nutshell

    *gets hate messages after bashing a community. Plays the victim* Verlisify in a nutshell
  2. DynamoDuskull

    First Competitive XY Team

    Hi, and welcome to the forums. One of the huge things I see is that half your team is weak to Stealth Rock (Talonflame having a x4 weakness to it). Having Defog on Togekiss helps, but since half your team is flying, it's still something to think about. I personally think your Venusaur should be...
  3. DynamoDuskull

    Elastic Collision

    Looks like an improvement from what you posted before on Tumblr. It looks like you added a bit more special bulk to your team, which is great. I'm not going to say anything bad about Mega Scizor. Though I do think they're are better Mega Evolutions, if it's working out for you, then you...
  4. DynamoDuskull

    Sparkles mean I can do things!

    Sparkles mean I can do things!
  5. DynamoDuskull

    Twisted World (An OU Trick Room Team)

    Overall, this team looks pretty good, but for Reuniclus, have you thought about Signal Beam? A lot of people don't recommend that move, but it's strong against both Dark and other Psychics without wasting two slots for coverage. Feel free to ignore this. It's not a common move, but it's one...
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    XY Suspect Testing Round 1 np: Michael Jackson - (extreme)Speed Demon (READ POST #1278)

    Personally, while I haven't been battling recently (and when I have, I've rarely seen Mega Lucario), but I'll talk about my opinion on these. Specially Offensive Mega Lucario, as many have said, doesn't have many counters in the OU tier. Lucario's typing and movepool makes it very hard to...
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    Move Belch

    No. It's multiuse, but only after the user eats a berry. As soon as a berry is consumed, the user can use Belch for the rest of the battle, even if the user gets the berry back with a move or ability.
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    Move Belch

    So, I tested out Belch on PS. The problem with it... it's a waste of a set. If your opponent knows you have Belch, they can simply switch into a Steel-type to absorb it. It's also a huge pain to even pull off. Not only do you have to take damage to eat the berry, but afterwards, you can easily...
  9. DynamoDuskull

    My XY OU Team - Sweet Destruction

    Thanks a lot. I'll put all of these into consideration next time I edit my team. I'll try to find a new mon to replace my Roserade. EDIT: I replaced Roserade with Darmanitan, but I can't tell if it's better. People keep forfeiting at the sight of Slurpuff.
  10. DynamoDuskull

    My XY OU Team - Sweet Destruction

    Alright, so I had a whole bunch of XY teams I've ran. I've use a Trick Room team, I've used a Sticky Web team, but this here is my team that I'm using now and effectively. Ingredients: Pavlova the Gardevoir Item: Gardevoirite Ability: Trace (*Pixilate*) EVs: 252 SAtk / 70 HP / 186 Spd Modest...
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    The Official Name-Pronunciation Guide

    The 'tile' in Helioptile is complicated. Most people consider words like 'tile' and 'smile' to be one syllable, but depending on the dialect, it can sound like two, so that's where I got conflicted. Zygarde was a mistake that I fixed, thanks pointing that out.
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    The Official Name-Pronunciation Guide

    Alright, so I did some researching on Pokemon name origins, and I think I got the pronunciations for Gen VI mons. I looked up the words the Pokemon got their names from, and if possible, watched the XY anime pronounce the Pokemon that have their names the same in Japanese (Dedenne for example)...