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  1. LucarioOfLegends

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 4

  2. LucarioOfLegends

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 3

    JAGFL Sunfished Darek Quanyails BaffleTome Yokaiju StephXPM BlorengeRhymes
  3. LucarioOfLegends

    CAP 32 - Part 5 - Primary Ability Poll 2

    Pixilate Magic Guard Levitate
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    CAP 32 - Part 4 - Defining Moves Part 1

    That is probably the best choice. Since we have yet to do ability there are a lot of specific aspects of CAP32 that we can't exactly nail down, so keeping our options open for our role is a good idea, as long as we narrow it down in a later stage of course. We can always subtract what we don't...
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    CAP 32 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 2

    Fire / Psychic Electric / Flying Fire / Fairy
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    CAP 32 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 1

    Fire / Psychic Ice / Ground Electric / Flying Fire / Fairy Fire / Flying Water / Flying Grass / Steel Ghost / Electric
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    CAP 32 - Part 2 - Typing Discussion

    Showing support to Psychic / Fire, and also going to throw down Steel / Fighting. Psychic is in a very interesting spot at the moment as it actually has a very solid opportunity to capitalize on the current meta trends, despite the type's usual shortcoming. There are currently a large number of...
  8. LucarioOfLegends

    CAP 32 - Part 2 - Typing Discussion

    Generally both are important but leaning towards more resists, for the reasons ausma put. I do want to bring specific mention that immunities are super valuable as well, as it means we take generally less hits onto our weaker-than-average defenses. Of what people would qualify as "bang average"...
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    CAP 32 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    Overall agree with the above stage order. Setting up the general niche that CAP32 is looking to fill is utterly essential to the concept, and that can best be done through establishing one in type and ability, the stages that are usually most important to the success of the example mons given...
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    CAP 32 - Part 1 - Concept Submissions

    WIP Name: Not All Dragons Are Dragon-type Description: This Pokemon emulates the attributes of a specific type without directly being that type. Justification: This concept focuses on inspiring discussion into typings and the elements that make them unique and effective, and asks how we can...
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    Gen 9 CAP Updates - Stratagem & Revenankh

    Retain Both Meteor Beam and Poltergeist
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    Buff Process 4 - Stage 3 - Buff Package Poll 2

    Package 1 by snake_rattler
  13. LucarioOfLegends

    Buff Process 4 - Stage 3 - Buff Package Poll 1

    Package 1 by snake_rattler Package 3 by Amamama Package 2 by Brambane Package 4 by the mystery duck Package 5 by Tommaniacal
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    CAP Fan Content Thread

    The CAP Discord server held another contest recently in celebration of unlocking the server banner feature, which is what they were tasked to make. The banners that were submitted all look absolutely stellar, so give it up to our entrants and their awesome art pieces! Ranking Name Art 1st...
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    CAP 31 Prevo - Part 2 - Ability Poll

    Water Absorb/Pickpocket/Sand Spit
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    CAP 31 Prevo - Name Poll 3

    Rascamel Camelad Saharascal
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    CAP 31 - Part 15 - Pokedex Poll 3

    Bloopyghost Pipotchi Bice
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    CAP 31 - Part 16 - Flavor Ability Discussion

    Regarding Sand Spit I do think it does fit flavorfully so I have no objections there. From a more competitive mindset I think there a bit of both overestimation and underestimation for it, but really shouldn't be that problematic. Being a Ground-type Sand setter with Rapid Spin and more...