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    The Great Fire Pokemon Starter Zodiac Debate

    That’s a cool snake
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    Media Videogame thread

    Does anyone here play TFT? Let me know if you play TFT. I started playing it two months ago and I love it. Looking for more people to queue with. I have a few but want some more! Currently I'm D3 but taking a break from ranked for a bit.
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    Headlines “Politics” [read the OP before posting]

    boo at a certain point, after saying so many falsehoods, people won’t trust what you have to say anymore. You just keep grasping for straws. Have to say you aren’t making a great case for your argument here.
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    Headlines “Politics” [read the OP before posting]

    Looks like you did not watch the trial either.
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    Pokémon Unite

    It's been a few weeks since the Rotom/Drednaw/Zapdos changes happened, and they definitely made the game better. Drednaw is still the most important objective to prioritize, but there is more diversity in the macro game now. I had a game where we were behind for Drednaw and unlikely to win a...
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    Pokémon UNITE

    You guys should join the Smogon Pokemon Unite discord. There's usually a group of people playing at least once a day. We pretty often have 5 stacks too, and the occasional 5v5 inhouse. Most of the active players in our stacks around 1200-1600 in Masters. I peaked around 1550 and usually hovered...
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    Pokémon Unite

    Come join our Discord: But some basic notes: - Focus on last hitting enemy Pokemon early game - Rotate to Drednaw when it spawns at 7 minutes. Should be at least 4 Pokemon at Drednaw. Drednaw is extremely important. - Kill Rotom after Drednaw is killed. Drednaw...
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    Pokémon Unite

    Petal Dance + Giga Drain Venusaur is so fun now. Petal Dance reduces the cooldown of Giga Drain every time it hits an enemy, so you can end up doing a ton of damage when you're in the middle of a team and be surprisingly survivable. This build is also super fast and allows you to run around the...
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    Pokémon Unite

    I'm going to be hosting a Pokemon Unite tournament tomorrow (Saturday, August 7th) at 5 PM EST timezone (GMT-4)! There'll be two teams of 5 vs 5 and it'll be a best out of three. Teams will be randomly assigned. More than 10 people can sign up, but everyone after the 10th sign up will be...
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    not deserved, congrats to being a good butt kisser

    not deserved, congrats to being a good butt kisser
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    antemortem your threads suck
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    Pokémon Unite

    (This was approved by DHR) Since this game is coming out in about two-three days, I decided to make a Pokemon Unite discord server for Smogon members. Here's the link: Let me know if you guys want to team up to play in Unite! I'm really excited for this game...
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    Are Women Real?

    Man, you gotta chill. Women are people too. Threads like these are dorky as hell
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    I was a bouncer at a bar

    How big are you?
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    What university do you go to?

    What university do you guys go to? I wonder which university has the most Smogoners I go to the University of Georgia!
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    Pokémon Unite

    I'm definitely going to main Dwebble
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    Ah yes, FRACKING is a bigger issue to voters than COVID! Almost 100,000 cases per day and over 220,000 dead but I'm supposed to care about Biden... not wanting to ban fracking
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    Headlines “Politics” [read the OP before posting]

    These leftists types don't actually exist in real life. Some of the people posting in this thread don't even vote in America. Vast majority of voters are old people who have raised a family and have more important things to do in their life. Just ignore them and move on. Bernie Sanders got...