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  2. Autumn Friendly 2012

    Whatever, in Global Link page says that they just count YOURS disconnection, and if you're % of DC / Battles are 10 points over the general % you are out or something like that......It's a mystery xD I just hope to don't be disqualified lol I didn't do a lot of DC's.....
  3. Autumn Friendly 2012

    LOL Just very low number xD It's just luck if you haven't massive DC's from rivals xD
  4. Autumn Friendly 2012

    About 30 times I think (approximately, I stopped to count yesterday). And I have done 90 battles, so nearly 33,3%. Why do you ask for that ? Rivals disconnection just has effect on you upping the general DC number of the tournament, which will say if you are disqualified or not. I have never...
  5. Autumn Friendly 2012

    DC rate what's exactly ? How many times I disconnected ? Because sometimes people says something which I don't understand xD
  6. Autumn Friendly 2012

    Yeah, I would like to remember it XD
  7. Autumn Friendly 2012

    Just for curiosity, Cybetron, how many DC's have you done at the moment ? Because when I see Osiru's ones, I'm very far from that xD I just want to look after my number and see if it's a lot or not. Thanks a lot.
  8. Autumn Friendly 2012

    I started to Dc'ing when I got 1900. When tou arrive there, do win just 1, 2 or 3 points per battle, plus disconnections from rivals, you have to a lot of battle, a lot. If you do a lot of battle, there will be always a couple of them where you will be haxxed, and is you don't want to lose 30...
  9. Autumn Friendly 2012

    Say it to me, twice disqualified in second round because a lot of haxx when I had a high level and could do something nice like Top 8 or Top 4. Everybody does the same with DC's, so don't talk about it again and again and we will se at VGC.
  10. Autumn Friendly 2012

    Say this to Nintendo. Say to them that who does ONE DC is instantly desqualified. I would love this, but they don't do it, so you have to play strategically with DC and don't soo much to be out of results list. Whatever, I have to say I'm one of the +1900 players who have done less DC's and I'm...
  11. Autumn Friendly 2012

    How are ladders right now ?
  12. Autumn Friendly 2012

    I didn't know it was you, your nick wasn't Osirus lol So what's was your nick ? Because I just did 6 DC in all the tournament actually, I hate to do it, but now I can't lose any battle if I want to win, but it's difficult: a lot of battles, a lot of haxx, a lot of disconnections, there willl be...
  13. Autumn Friendly 2012

    Spanish Players will again dominate top results I think :D
  14. Autumn Friendly 2012

    Who is Ethan ? (about 1870 points) I have just played against him and I won 3-0. Sorry for the avoid, Good Game and thanks to don't DC.
  15. Autumn Friendly 2012

    RubeNCB, do you sleep ? xD
  16. VGC '12 United Kingdom National - Birmingham - March 3 - WON BY KobraTail

    That's because you did the stream ! :) Congrats !! ;) EDIT: First video of event on Youtube (not finals xD):
  17. VGC '12 United Kingdom National - Birmingham - March 3 - WON BY KobraTail

    COME ON SPANISH ARMY !!!! RUBEN YOU DID IT !!!!!!!! RubeNCB's team ?