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  1. Eevilution

    2022 Spring Scramble! Diamond Flight

    Showdown: eevilution Discord: Guns#7912 Wins: Wherethewest Losses: lawrence123, Hervalt Flipsicle Jay Is decent Ziek_Freek Chris32156
  2. Eevilution

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2022 - Qualifying Signups ONLY

    Player Name: Eevilution Country / Region of Residence: KSA/Jeddah/Aisa Other Eligibility: None
  3. Eevilution

    Smogon VGCPL II - Player Signups (Custom Avatar Prize)

    Name: Eevilution Relevant Social Media: Guns#7912 Formats Played: current format with current rules Bio: VGC newbie
  4. Eevilution

    Project National Dex Teambuilding Lab V2

    Team ( Can this become a team? Nat. Dex AG btw