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  1. CAP Battle

    Thanks for keeping loyal fellas, thanks to everyone down at #capbattle who worked tirelessly to playtest the game and finally, thanks to our great and glorious leader Cartoons! for creating such a wonderful little masterpiece!
  2. Raikou Vote

    Raikou is UU
  3. Porygon-Z Vote

    Porygon-Z is BL
  4. Gen needs your help

    1) Male 2) Caucasian 3) 18 4) Middle class 5) London, England 6) Kent, England 7) Last year of "high school" 8) N/A 9) N/A 10) Atheist 11) Tend to be more Agnostic Hope this helps :)
  5. np: UU - Can't Touch This

    A curse set with a priority move is hardly extremely gimmicky, I mean Curse Muk is never seen without Shadow sneak, regardless of STAB or not, as was Bulk up Gallade. In OU Curse Mamoswine almost always uses Ice shard. Its also just handy for things like Scyther that will obviously outpace you...
  6. Unicycle Mafia - Game Over! Internet wins!

    Nice picture.
  7. CAP Battle Boss Poll

    Wyverii Wyverii Wyverii.
  8. CAP Battle

    Xaq, its thunder. Somthing not demonstrated by the video is the twister plus Thunder combo, however I guess c! wanted to show off a few of his newer moves and animations.
  9. New OU List (January 2010)

    Both are easily 2hkoed by a np LO tri attack. Chansey is 2hkod by download boosted, modest specs tri attack too.
  10. Honchkrow Vote

    Honchkrow is BL
  11. How many countries can you name?

    got 101/107 for the DP pokemon one
  12. UU Voter Identification (Round 4)

    Confirming as Iluvtogekiss and Crack the Skye.
  13. CAP Battle

    @ Tortferngatr, Give C! a chance, if kit/ohm turn out well, Im sure he'l think about it.
  14. Strikeout Tournament - Little Cup Edition! (Round 1)

    confirming assrape by opp Articanus in the most embarrasing match of my life.
  15. Makin' it Rain: UU Rain discussion

    not many rain dance teams have toxicroak on them.
  16. Makin' it Rain: UU Rain discussion

    Jolly Kabutops can do a pretty good job off taking down opposing r.d teams. just the standard s.d, waterfall, aquajet, stone edge set is capable of running through much of the team after a little spikes damage. Jolly lets you beat other kabutops, ludicolo and gorebyss in terms of speed since as...
  17. Strikeout Tournament - Little Cup Edition! (Round 1)

    team sent in. Just need to arrange a time, We don't see each other too often so this might be a little harrrdd.
  18. Smocon '10: UK

    ah, Im not so sure about those dates. Saturday- I don't know Sunday- My 18th. While I know that some of you are cool and all, I would rather spend my b day with closer mates and stuff, not meaning any offence though. Count me out I guess :(
  19. Strikeout Tournament - Little Cup Edition! (Round 1)

    finally lol, Il just wait for sds to tell me and then we'l get this done