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  1. yogi

    Sunfishy Sprites

    Just wanted to pop in and say I really enjoyed looking through the thread, keep up the good work!
  2. yogi

    it's a combat skirt

    it's a combat skirt
  3. yogi

    Project PU Break This Team! [Week 2: Nominations]

    Reserving Pyukumuku and Audino Pyukumuku @ Leftovers Ability: Unaware EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD Bold Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Toxic - Block - Recover - Spite Audino @ Leftovers Ability: Regenerator EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Wish - Protect -...
  4. yogi

    Tournament OM Snake Draft - Signups

    PS Name: Yogibears, Rwby, Rwby o_o, Yogi o_o, Ruby Matoi Tiers Played: ZU (yes I will actually play this tier if I get drafted) Timezone: I'm a brit so martha's timezone Time Missed? BWAHAHAAH
  5. yogi

    bruh bruh

    bruh bruh
  6. yogi

    bitch stealing my team boutta get bopped

    bitch stealing my team boutta get bopped
  7. yogi

    tbh yh tjay is a poor pokemon player

    tbh yh tjay is a poor pokemon player
  8. yogi

    Project Player Of The Week Revived: Week 1 - Robert Alfons

    Robert Alfons Favourite Pokemon: I never had a strong favorite but as of late I've been liking Glaceon a lot, for one because Eeveelutions are cute and Glaceon is a top tier Eeveelution and moreover because it clutched a very difficult nuzlocke run for me multiple times which made it sorta...
  9. yogi

    Metagame USUM PU Stage 4 (Kingler Suspect Test) - Alt Identification Thread

    Legit the worst laddering experience I've ever had. Confirming as PUS in Boots.
  10. yogi

    Metagame np: USUM PU Stage 4- Spikes [Kingler Suspect Test]

    Ok so almost all of the posts thus far have covered my stance on Kingler, but I'd like to talk about the problem as a whole too (of course I know the Kingler test will address some of it), because right now PU has a problem. It is over-saturated by threats. What I mean is that building a general...
  11. yogi

    PU Teambats

    So I decided to do a teambat today, sorry it is late folks I was very busy but here it is! The rules were you could only use Pokemon with a Base Stat Total lower than (or equal to) 450, with Eviolite being banned for the duration of the Team Battle: Pom-Pom Enthusiast: dibs Aaronboyer...
  12. yogi

    grats bud

    grats bud
  13. yogi

    Poliwrath [QC:1/3]

    Hey bud, sorry to do this but the QC team has decided to give Poliwrath a total set revamp; this will require it to go back in WIP and then start again from QC 0/3. If you don't want to take the new version and wish to pass this back then I fully understand as this revamp will be a large task...
  14. yogi

    Quality Control Golem [1/3]

    ok, doing
  15. yogi

    Metagame PU Squad Dump

    Hello! It's me, Yogi! I will be doing a massive revamp of this thread and updating it sometime next week, so please submit your teams n_n
  16. yogi

    PU Teambats

    These are getting hella revived. I'm gonna host one either this Saturday or Sunday!
  17. yogi

    Resource PU Matchmaking! (Week 2: Jynx)

    Gurdurr because yes
  18. yogi

    Project PU Break This Team! [Week 2: Nominations]

    i'll take alolan raichu + literally any filler this team just loses to alolan raichu gg no re Raichu-Alola @ Fightinium Z Ability: Surge Surfer EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Nasty Plot - Psyshock - Thunderbolt - Focus Blast Vigoroth @ Eviolite Ability: Vital Spirit EVs...
  19. yogi


    Any progress?
  20. yogi

    Done Altaria [QC 1/1] [GP 1/1]

    just gonna chip in here before gp gets to this. remove kingler and mention something different, because Ice Beam is becoming more and more common. i'd also just specify calm mind rest talk spiritomb, this is towards a larger audience and they might not know what cro... refers to. qc 2/1.