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  1. Kushalos

    Smogon Snake Draft Tournament NU Sets/Teams Dump

    Approved by Hootie Hello my dudes, taking the initiative to start this thread up so everyone can see what kind of cool shit you all came up with. meepsvictory Eternally FLCL Hootie Elodin(rip) Rodriblutar Jayde Lax Garay oak imsosorrylol snagaa Yui. soulgazer Blast
  2. Kushalos

    ORAS RU ejecting styles from my lethal weapon

    Dont mind my art emboar is p hard to draw so heres a choice banded ham Its been some time since i dropped my last #1 ladder peaking RMT in 2014. So before the ORAS era comes to an end, I thought it was fitting to RMT one of the most succesful RU teams I’ve made in a while, having had...
  3. Kushalos

    FU replay thread

    OP Stolen from Simipour Welcome one and all to the FU Replays thread. Here is where we're going to post replays demonstrating not only great battles you've had between friends, but tournament battles from the subforum you feel people can learn from by watching. What kind of replays should be...
  4. Kushalos

    ORAS NU Kangoku Gakuen(0,5K msgs special)

    Intro Hi guys its ya boi Koosh and this is my first NU RMT ever cause i never really felt like sharing any teams, however, i feel like this team represents the current meta pretty well. I was planning to hit the #1 spot with this team first but the best i could manage was 8 cause of bad...
  5. Kushalos


    +Kushalos:say something to me ~haunter:gtfo fgt Overview ######## Despite it's NFE status, Haunter has made quite the impact since its arrival in PU. It sits in a good Speed tier outspeeding common threats like Chatot and Mr. Mime and it's base 115 Special Attack is one of the highest in PU...
  6. Kushalos

    Other Garbage Ladder (PU RMT, peaked #1)

    Hi guys! My name is Kushalos and i haven't posted an RMT in about 1,5 years. Since I'm convinced that this is a team that worked really well I decided to RMT this stall team that I made when the PU ladder came into existence. I just hit the #1 spot this afternoon and thought ur might as well RMT...
  7. Kushalos

    Mew QC 0/3

    #OG GOD QC Checks: GP Checks: Overview ######## Everyone knows Mew, the original legendary. It is after Smeargle the most versatile Pokémon in the game, and one of the top threats in UU. You would expect Mew is a threat because of its versatality, but there are a lot of roles it is outclassed...
  8. Kushalos

    Dugtrio [QC 2/3]

    If you implement the changes i suggested on IRC: QC 1/3
  9. Kushalos

    UU Hydreigon

    B SCARED. QC Checks: Limitless, FLCL, Kitten Milk GP Checks: horyzhnz, Overview ######## Hydreigon can utilize its amazing offensive stats and STAB moves to wreak havoc, while its giant movepool takes care of its few would-be counters. The buff to the Dark-type also helped immensely because...
  10. Kushalos

    Discussion thread: Emboar vs Entei

    Hello fellow RU players! Today I'd like to discuss the two main physical Firetypes in the tier, and which advantages they have over each other. This is just for the physical side so don't bring up Moltres Magmortar etc. Name:Emboar Base Stats:110 HP / 123 Atk / 65 Def / 100 Spa / 65 Spd / 65...