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  1. CJorex

    CJorex's Sunny Little Trade Shop (Gen7)- Mainly Breedjects, Check inside!

    {INSERT PRETTY BANNER HERE} Welcome to CJorex's 7th-gen trade shop! I hope you find something you like! Rules No Spamming- If you are interested in something, post here first, and then I will PM you to further discuss the trade. I will only trade Pokemon for Pokemon or for certain items- No...
  2. CJorex

    ORAS OU Mega-Sceptile Balance team

    Introduction Sceptile has long been my favourite Pokemon. My first game was Pokemon Ruby; My first pokemon a Treecko. Since then I have always used Sceptile and its evolution family wherever I can, and now with his Mega form he has the tools to be viable in OU. I created this team purely because...
  3. CJorex

    The Perfect Storm - a Doubles Rain Team

    Rain pelts you from every direction. Thunder cracks from one side, while Hurricanes twirl on the other, knowing very much the devastation they will cause... Though it sounds like I'm describing something out of a disaster movie, the only disaster this storm will create is the havoc that...
  4. CJorex

    CJorex's personalised breeding and trading thread- Anything bred to order!

    Hi everyone! I'm just letting everyone know that I have closed the cloning part of my business and replaced it with this- an anything-you-want personal breeding service. I can breed anything you want, in return for 1 or 2 5iv Pokemon, depending on the difficulty of the request. I have a few...
  5. CJorex

    CJorex's XY Trade Shop- New Charmanders!

    Attention! This thread is closed for good. I have merged my trade thread with my cloning thread, which can be found here. If a mod could lock this thread, it would be appreciated. Friend Code & stuff IGN: Christopher FC: 2552-0959-1841 Friend Safari: Rock- Nosepass, Pupitar, Barbaracle Vivillon...
  6. CJorex

    Let's Play! Let's Play: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

    Hello Smogon! This is CJorex bringing you a Let's Play of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Red rescue Team. In this playthrough, it will not be just me being transformed into a Pokemon. You, the people of Smogon, will be allowed to request for a Pokemon named after you to join my rescue team in the...
  7. CJorex

    Let's Play! CJorex's Playthroughs! Current Challenge: Pokémon LeafGreen Randomizer

    Hi Smogon! I'm going to put it out there that I am starting a Randomizer run of Pokemon LeafGreen. The Randomizer settings are as follows: Starter Pokemon -Random (Completely) Wild Pokemon -Random (Area-to-1 Mapping) (No legendaries) Trainers Pokemon -Random -Rival keeps Starter -Don't use...
  8. CJorex

    The Generator Challenge

    I'm here to show you guys a new challenge that I have created- the Generator Challenge The premise of this challenge is simple- just take six, randomly generated Pokemon and use them in a playthrough of a game of your choice. The easiest way to do this is through a random Pokemon generator...
  9. CJorex

    Let's Play! Let's play: Pokemon Shiny Gold

    Alright, I'm doing a Let's Play to introduce one of my favourite hacks, Pokemon Shiny Gold! I will be posting pictures and team updates, and anyone who also wants to play through is also welcome to do so!