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  1. Sticky Pokemon Direct - 6th June Discussion - Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

    They've announced a new 3DS game plus barely confirmed that they're making something for the Switch which is at least 12 (realistically 15-18 months) away. What's the mistake? I echo the sentiment above. The more proper games, the better. Providing this is a proper game, then it is what will...
  2. Singles 3v3 General Discussion

    I can see it becoming a bit of a 50/50. Maybe more like a 70/30. Last gen it would be a massive surprise. Its definitely less so now. But yes you made it clear that you think its tanked.
  3. Singles 3v3 General Discussion

    Just going to post this here...
  4. Metagame Mega Evolution in Sun & Moon

    Mega Heracross & Mega Houndoom are going to be legal. I've just downloaded the Mega Stones on cart. Confirmed by Serebii (apparently not usable online until 16/5.)
  5. BSS Teambuilding & Help Thread (SuMo Edition Reloaded 2.0)

    Hey guys, I've struggled with teambuilding in gen 7 - I'm still lacking a bit of knowledge of the new mechanics and threats - but I stumbled upon something that I liked the look of & started to build around. That core was Koko & Scarf Nihilego, which was a core I found in the OU thread. Tapu...
  6. Battle Spot Come Hail or High Water

    No it's really not.
  7. Battle Spot Singles Role Compendium

    Nice list. I would add a fake out list (Kangaskhan & Smeargle) I'd also suggest that status abusers (Glare Serperior, Toxic P2 etc) get their own spot.
  8. Hi Hula-tutor

    Hi Hula-tutor
  9. Sign-Up Apprentice Program Signups: SUMO Battle Spot Singles (VGC DISCONTINUED)

    assigned to Hulavuta Username: a0161613 PS! Username: a0161613 What format do you want to learn: BSS Your timezone: GMT Usual Hours of Availability: Evenings Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): I stumbled onto BSS when i rediscovered Smogon a couple...
  10. Online Competition Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble

    Pretty sure that someone could clone one for you. For nothing if you asked.
  11. Online Competition Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble

    Just trade for stones in the Wifi section...
  12. Battle Spot Mega Mawile Offensive

    That's bad advice. Hazards are rare in 3vs3 let alone a move to remove them. This isn't OU.Thats not me saying that SR wouldn't help. More that removing them isn't worth the move slot. Feesh Squad Opposing Mamoswine do a number to this squad as would Garchomp, both absorb your Gigavolt Havoc...
  13. Battle Spot Offfensive BSS Team

    Pyu isn't great. I thought it's whole niche was Soak.... Anyway, you've kind of skimmed over my point. I think a Mega is important. Metagross could work.
  14. Battle Spot Offfensive BSS Team

    Muscle Band makes no sense when Expert Belt exists. But then I'd also question putting Bish here at all. You don't have a mega and any of the steel type megas could work. I'd suggest Luc or Maw.
  15. Victim Of The Week [VoTW #27 - Zygarde / Zygarde-Complete]

    I don't care's Tyranitar It's the same mon I planned to pick but I would have given it a Scarf.
  16. Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    Battle Spot is run by Nintendo for the on-cart ladder. OU is Smogon's metagame purely for simulation.
  17. Secret Santa Semi Finals

    Yes. This is all on me. So sorry!!
  18. Rules Forum Rules and Simple Questions/Answers

    I dont believe Multiscale Lugia was available with a pentagon. In which case is it usable at all?
  19. Singles 3v3 General Discussion

    Serebii states this is only a chance rather than a guarantee. Otherwise this is fantastic trolling.