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  1. Reje

    ORAS Ubers (Peaked #1 at 1911) Pohjis is my dad

    Hello my name is Reje. Pohjis is actually my dad and with his strength I finally got to Rank 1 with 1911 points! I used a team that is pretty shit and now I'd like to RMT it. The team is pretty standard Hyper Offense with a few twists, I don't think it's really good but I started using it after...
  2. Reje

    ORAS Ubers Genuine 5 Shitmons+MVPDITTOKEKLORD-"HO"Team (peaked #6)

    The Migraine is actually me. Good song, I encourage to listen to it n_n Teambuilding Process So I started this team off with Lead Custap Berry Forretress, because Deoxys-Offense is pretty annoying and this guy can handle it...