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  1. ss234

    RU X/Y speculation, a look into the possible future

    Hello. Here you can discuss / theorymon the xy ru metagame. A HUGE amount will change, which is why I've decided to make a new thread instead of using the current ru theorymon thread. Anyway, onto the changes you can discuss: Potential new additions: New XY additions Pangoro Malamar Clawitzer...
  2. ss234

    Dog Eat Dog

    Swag picture of fraxure wrecking druddigon by andrew3391 Dog Eat Dog Hello. This is a team I built a few months ago with the help of manly user pkblizzard. It has 3 main win conditions in durant, emboar and fraxure, and uses lots of hazards to achieve this goal. The team is based...
  3. ss234

    The Next Best Thing - Spiritomb [Voting]

    Credit to fatty for the OP. Banner by skylight. The Next Best Thing What is this?: I for one, along with many others I'm sure, feel as though there is some untapped power within the RU environment. There is substantial evidence for this idea in the form of one commonality for most...