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  1. CAP 25 - Part 1 - Framework Submissions

    Name - Adjusting Ability Description - A pokémon where the succes relies on altering the ability of the opponent. Explanation - Many pokémon rely on their ability, however no viable OU pokémon actually tries to disable this. Even though this would mean losing a turn and a move slot, it could...
  2. CaP 24 Prevo - Part 3 - Art Submissions

    Final submission Long time since I posted here, but I thought I would give it another spin. The concept is further based on the shinenawa: This pokémon is always looking to purify troubled spirits, which it does by hugging the other with its roots on the back of the head. For easy movement...
  3. CAP 3D Modeling Project

    Sorry, can't help you. I can't seem to find the original image :s
  4. Hi, Not entering CAP since I don't have my tablet, but i had a similar idea. Just wanted to...

    Hi, Not entering CAP since I don't have my tablet, but i had a similar idea. Just wanted to add that it could be interesting to add a Van Gogh (painter) reference to it. His most famous paintings are the sunflowers and starry night. Just wanted to put the idea out there, just see if you...
  5. CAP 23 CAP23 - Part 7 - Art Poll 3

    Reigaheres DougJustDoug Quanyails I already regret not entering. I had a great idea ^^
  6. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 11 - Sprite Submissions

    Thanks! I had more spare time today then expected so I went for the back sprite: Ps: the dithering was actually more a wink at "pillowshading" (or dithering)... But glad it worked out good then ^^ EDIT: Did some minor edits + added the shiny version Like with previous CAP, I just changed...
  7. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 11 - Sprite Submissions

    Just passing by to drop off my sprite of CAP22: Just wanted to put it out here, so I could make some changes if need. Hopefully will find the time to make the back sprite too! Ps: the gender difference-skirt looks really nice!
  8. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 7 - Art Poll 3

    Sunfished Magistrum
  9. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 7 - Art Poll 2

    Sunfished Golurkyourself
  10. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 7 - Art Poll 1

    Golurkyourself noobiess Blue Frog Sunfished God I hope Sunfished wins. That entry is so crazy!
  11. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission When I thought about an offensive fairy/fighting pokemon with parting shot I thought a very 'bitchy' cheerleader pokémon would be fitting ^^ This pokémon is very protective of her loved ones. When her trainer is sad, she often sheers her up by sheerfull acrobatic stunts. On...
  12. CAP 3D Modeling Project

    Wow mollux looks so good! Nice job guys! I'm terribly sorry for my lack of activity here. I love this project, but I just can not seem to find the time to work on this. So, with a bit of pain in my heart, I would like to give Voodoom out of my hands. (sorry I didn't do this anytime sooner, if...
  13. CAP 21 CAP 21 - Part 12 - Sprite Poll

    Battle of the colorblinds! ^^ I used to shamelessly vote for myself but for a while now I try to look at the entries as objective as possible and not take into account that one is mine. Doing that, I decided not to vote, because I don't see a clear winner. It's a tie for me. I think both...
  14. CAP 21 CAP 21 - Sprite Submissions

    Which leg do you mean (and do you mean the upper or lower part of a leg)? I tried to keep the colors on the legs so light as possible to distinguish the legs from the pot.
  15. CAP 21 CAP 21 - Sprite Submissions

    Final submission Tomorrow I'll recheck if my submission is legal and maybe do some minor edits and edit the final submission (advice or comments are welcome!) Falcion - I think your backsprite is great! I don't know if you based it on the 3D model, but if not, it is really impressive! For the...
  16. CAP 21 CAP 21 - Sprite Submissions

    Great! Tomorrow I will finish up my entry then :) Here is also a first version of my mega crucibelle sprite:
  17. CAP 21 CAP 21 - Sprite Submissions

    I'm also pro for extending the deadline. I just did the line art and color choice of the mega but I probably won't be able to finish it all today (still needed to recover from New Year so didn't sprite as much as I wanted ^^) Probably I will need a day extra (2 days max) to make a final...
  18. CAP 21 CAP 21 - Sprite Submissions

    I actually worked on the back sprite yesterday: I probably will be able to work on the mega tomorrow, but I'm not sure I will be able to finish it in time. I will certainly post here tomorrow with an update (and if I will be able to finish it in time or not).