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  1. dragonite4650

    All Gens RoA Community's Choice Ladder: August 2018 - ORAS Mix & Mega

    I vote 1v1, on behalf of Kamek.
  2. dragonite4650

    Tournament OMPL VI - Player Signups

    I want to enter, my preferred metas will be 1v1 and Mix And Mega. My username is Kamek Porygon. The timezone is EDT, in Brampton. I am usually online from 4-6 pm.
  3. dragonite4650

    The Library Mascot Design Contest

    I guess ill just draw it myself. Some of it got cut off, and the image was too big, so here.
  4. dragonite4650

    Our Happy Place - The Happy Place Art & Literature Contest

    can we put fakemon art here for this contest? I have some good ones!
  5. dragonite4650

    Canalave Library Spring Contest

    My user is Kamek Porygon ok? I cant change my username. Here is the story.