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  1. Akir

    Project PU Theorymon

    So due to people being largely unable to follow the rules and community demand, I'm gonna restructure this thread. It is still largely going to be open discussion, however now I will provide mons/situations to provide some form of structure. There will be no voting at the end, so feel free to...
  2. Akir

    Project PU Theorymon

    I've gotten a few people asking about how this thread works. Originally this thread is just meant for general open discussion like the oldgen thread, but if people would prefer for the thread to have the structure of other threads that have voting then let me know
  3. Akir

    Project PU Theorymon

    Here is an idea to get the thread going: What if Poliwrath got Drain Punch? Some good recovery for Wrath would make it considerably more consistent, and Wrath already punches a lot so the flavor is there. Go ahead guys!
  4. Akir

    Project PU Theorymon

    OP stolen largely from Megazard PU Theorymon Here's how it's gonna work. I'm going to come up with a reasonable change to the PU metagame, and you guys discuss the aftereffects of this change, how it will affect the meta, some interesting sets you might use to combat this new change, any...
  5. Akir

    Project PU Battle Of the Week [Week 12: Nomination Stage]

    Darkinium Shuckledeath TONE
  6. Akir

    Resource PU Simple Question, Simple Answers Thread

    Well we just banned 2 very big threats, so it would be best to wait and see how the meta settles before moving forward. We also have to consider the idea that maybe this is just how the metagame is, and push for more innovation to counteract it. Either way, current plan is a holding pattern...
  7. Akir

    Metagame PU Old Gens + Discussion (ADV PU Tier Shift)

    hi! Well, i never said overly-difficult. It is the most difficult PU gen to get into though, thats for sure. and the whole Omfuga thing was less of "omg omfuga, THE GOD, does it this way so we all should!" and more of "this guy with very different ideas and very different teams is...
  8. Akir

    Metagame PU Old Gens + Discussion (ADV PU Tier Shift)

    So I am updating the Gen4 VR soon, I just wanted a few more ebuzz opinions and i needed to get the format right so uberskitty would stop bullying me. But I wanted to push this out: Gen5 Revamp, Phase 1 Proposal So the main problem facing Gen5 PU at the moment is accessibility and having an...
  9. Akir

    Project PU Battle Of the Week [Week 12: Nomination Stage]

    Darkinium Shuckledeath Yogi
  10. Akir

    Project Player Of The Week Revived: Week 2 - EviGaro

    What's your take on the BW meta? What needs to be changed, if anything? Describe your ideal burger Are Dolly and Dot your best friends? They pull your wagon through dunes of sand after all
  11. Akir

    Metagame PU Old Gens + Discussion (ADV PU Tier Shift)

    Some people have been floating VR update ideas for Gen4 PU in my general direction, so I figured I'd make a post about all that I have heard. First off, Agree 100%, B sounds more than fair. Electabuzz A+ -> S, Disagree This is a pretty interesting one for me, mainly because it means that...
  12. Akir

    Gen 6 Hypno (PU) WIP

    [OVERVIEW] Generalize what the Pokemon does in the metagame and as a whole and why you should or shouldn't consider using it on your teams. [SET] name: SET NAME move 1: Wish move 2: Protect move 3: Psychic / Seismic Toss move 4: Taunt / Foul Play item: Leftovers ability: Insomnia nature: Calm...
  13. Akir

    Past Gens Analysis Reservation Index

    I'm reserving Gen6 PU Hypno on behalf of the PU qc team. Since the blanket bp ban in gen6, all of hypno's analysis and sets are now no longer legal and it's been deemed that a new analysis is necessary
  14. Akir

    Project PU Battle Of the Week [Week 12: Nomination Stage]

    Specs Jigglypuff Darkinium Shuckledeath
  15. Akir

    Tournament The PU Fusion Tour [Won by Aaronboyer]

    after talking with Poison Adhesive, it was found that there was a massive communication error, as I logged on 30 minutes before what I set the time to (or at least thought). weekdays do not work for either of us, and i do not want to hold up the tour, so ill just give the win...again i guess lol
  16. Akir

    Project Player Of The Week Revived: Week 1 - Robert Alfons

    Any idea what abomination of a name your team will go with in PUPL V?
  17. Akir

    whoa wait man, what happened?

    whoa wait man, what happened?
  18. Akir

    Project PU Break This Team! [Week 5: Voting]

    I'm gonna go with Jmash The best way to beat this team is by denying it any momentum advantage, and that core nails it
  19. Akir

    It's akir, you can find me in the pu discord

    It's akir, you can find me in the pu discord