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  1. Athens weird team.

    There was a guy who got 10th at athens running At Persian, pheromone, celesteela, lapris, As golem, and Goodra. Does anyone know the moves et for this team? I'm sure Persian was z-parting shot, and celesteela was standard.
  2. New hack checker?

    I just got back from the event, and saw no such hack check so I do think it's bullshit
  3. New hack checker?

    I will post when I get home, one phone at work atm
  4. New hack checker?

    Based in what I was told, if you system has hacked mons it's a no go for ta
  5. New hack checker?

    I got it from a league runner and someone who goes to the store. I'd post screen shots but fb and I don't wanna do that to them. However I have been looking and can't find any other info on it so idk if it's true Edit: supposedly the check with check your game and sd card for any hacks or...
  6. New hack checker?

    The 1.1 updates changes a lot of in-game values. * which makes it easy for them to check if your game or systems has been modified in anyway * The pokemon company will start using this through hack checking staring this Saturday in Athens, GA.
  7. New hack checker?

    Someone told me there would be a new hack checker. It's apparently a 5 point checker that takes a few minutes to do. Has anyone else heard of this? I breed all my pokemon so it doesn't effect me but, if it's true sounds like it'll take longer to register which will be frustrating