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  1. Making an app?

    Actually, a moderator told me specifically that if I reworded the thread so it wasn't an advertisement, and instead just a thread asking for assistance with a technical skill, it would be acceptable. Dumb cunt. As for why I was commissioned to make it, I suppose "commissioned" isn't really the...
  2. Making an app?

    Does anyone... have any idea how? I've been commissioned by a website I work for to build an app, and I have no idea where to even begin. Not asking for someone to do it, lest this be closed as an ad, but I seriously need some assistance here. Anything would be appreciated. Seriously... how...
  3. Help coding an app? Anyone?

    Hey all, I figured this would be the place to come with this thread... however, if this sort of thing isn't allowed or whatever, apologies. In any case, Bulbapedia is looking for someone to help up with an iPhone app. Wikipedia has one, and everything else has one. Bulbapedia needs one...
  4. Emergency Situations

    I would masturbate. you walk in on cookie nailing your mom.
  5. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer (Mark 3)

    I played my first battle on Shoddy today after downloading it, and won. That aside, how can I view my statistics/record/etc.? Is there like a user profile or something? And what is volatility? Is there a way to simply view the leaderboards for each tier? Thanks in advance. Looking forward...
  6. Base Stats of New Pokemon

    WHY CAN'T BUFFALON BE GOOD? In any case, here's what I'd look out for... Meroetta #648 - Looks to be a fantastic special wall, with great special attack to boot. Depending on its movepool, could definitely be competitive. Rankurusu #85 - Base 30 speed with solid HP and nice special attack...
  7. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer. (RoA Version + resource links)

    There's something I don't understand... I'm getting into some semi-competitive RBY gameplay with my friends, and, upon reading some pages to get up to speed (or down to speed, since I'm used to Platinum/HGSS), it seems as though there's no real "training" in RBY comparable to EV training in the...
  8. Japanese Movie Celebi Confirmed

    Although it is similar to Infernape and Togekiss, both of which are superior in some respects, I can see a Nasty Plot Celebi as a force to be reckoned with. 100 base stats across the board are really, really nice. Although Celebi is generally a wall, Nasty Plot and 100 base Sp. Atk can make...
  9. The 1v1 Metagame

    Just a thought... should Salamence perhaps be added to the Uber clause, considering its recent tier shift? It is a very, very good sweeper, especially for the 1v1 environment. Choice Specs Draco Meteor will KO quite a bit.
  10. What advice would you give to a newcomer?

    There is, but it died. I would like to revive it, though, if you're interested in helping.
  11. New OU List (January 2010)

    Sort of surprised to see those two go down, especially all the way down to UU. I don't battle as much as most active users on this site, but personally I've seen a lot of walling Cresselia and Choice Scarf Porygon-Z. I know this isn't saying much, but those two are probably among the top 10...
  12. Uber Doubles Cup (Finals, Round 1)

    Eh, just didn't have my act together. Good luck to all still in the tournament, next time I guarantee I'll perform better.
  13. The Supe Kitchen

    Hey there. A lot of my thread is redis, but I have some that are not or are only semi-redis, so please CML for these: - Mew #1 - Ho-Oh #1 - LightningFusion's Arceus - All Deoxys except Attack formes. Thanks.
  14. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    Alright. I'll take your Timid Shiny Ho-Oh. VM me when you can trade. :]
  15. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    Ugh... you guys have some nice stuff. Both of you, please CML for a bunch of stuff. Don't feel like listing the stuff I need until I know if either of you need anything of mine. Thanks.
  16. Ubers Leads - A compilation

    ...Why not simply discuss these ideas for WiFi play? Many of us still exclusively use WiFi to battle as opposed to Shoddy or other battle simulators. You're the boss, but I don't see why we should be limited to discussing Shoddy possibilities and playing styles.
  17. Ubers Leads - A compilation

    That's fine with me. I'll take care of refining it into a pure Ubers Doubles discussion later. Sounds good. I'll add that to the list (later) and make note that my initial combo is probably outclassed by this one. I'll also rephrase your summary of the combo and put that in there. Note...
  18. Ubers Leads - A compilation

    This is meant to be collaborative... everyone is welcome to contribute and discuss. Combinations agreed to be good will be added to the OP. So, first off... and introduction. This looks to be the first actual constructive thread I post here, so any feedback is appreciated. I know that peeps...
  19. Pokemon VGC 2010 DATES / rules announced for the US!

    I don't fail to realize that, actually. I know that full well. However, it seems to me that they should at least pay some attention to what's overpowered and what isn't, especially in that respect. And why shouldn't people that get these event Pokémon be allowed to use them, especially when...