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  1. SelfDestruct0r

    VGC Let It Snow (VGC Abomasnow Team)

    Hey everyone! I've just made and tested my new VGC team, and I personally think it's the best one I've made so far! However, I still feel like there are minor issues that I just can't seem to fix. If one of you guys could help me on that, it'd be wonderful! This team's specialty is that I put a...
  2. SelfDestruct0r

    VGC Shedinja Squad (2nd In Game Team)

    Hey guys! I really appreciate what you all did to help me with my Sky Drop + Machamp Team, and in the end, it really put in a ton of work on the Battle Spot ladder. Anyhow, I've got another squad that I'm anxious to breed into my copy of USUM, and from what I've tested, it has the perfect mix of...
  3. SelfDestruct0r

    VGC VGC 18 Machamp + Sky Drop Offense (Need Help)

    Hey guys! This is my second RMT on the forums, and I really want this one to be perfected because I will be using it on my actual Ultra Moon profile. It's a pretty cool team. I would never use a completely normal team, so I put a little fun surprise in Machamp. Tapu Koko @ Focus Sash Ability...
  4. SelfDestruct0r

    Battle Spot Offfensive BSS Team

    Hey! I am brand new to Smogon forums, but do not worry, I have loads of battle experience. I've been testing this team in Showdown for the past few weeks and I want some suggestions before I breed it into the game. Anyway, this is a team centered around tricking your opponent and gaining massive...