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  1. Dracomaster's Trade Thread

    Only teddiursa is available in 4th gen and 5th gen:S However i can re-do those breedings in 4th gen if you want
  2. Ask here for B/W Underused

    i´ll play EDIT: NVM
  3. Turtwigs All The Way Down (Wonder Card Powers Activate! Keldeo and Reshiram added)

    sure see you online Btw, i need a clone back :)
  4. Turtwigs All The Way Down (Wonder Card Powers Activate! Keldeo and Reshiram added)

    In response to your CMT, I liked the Volcarona (M)- Timid (Lvl. 100) Flame Body 31/30/30/31/31/31 - Hidden Power: Ice 70 EVs: 252 SPA/4 SDF/252 SPD -Solar Beam -Quiver Dance -Fiery Dance -Bug Buzz
  5. Caruto's Trade Thread

    CMT for: Name: Terrakion ★ Lv: 42 OT: Caruto | TID: 48119 Nature: Jolly | Ability: Justified IV: 31 / 31 / 31 / 6 / 31 / 31 EV: N/A | Hidden Power: N/A Moves: Helping Hand | Retaliate |Rock Slide | Sacred Sword
  6. Darkness Beyond V2

    yes, use my black fc
  7. Darkness Beyond V2

    sure, i´ll add another pokes very soon and thanks in andvance :)
  8. Darkness Beyond V2

    not yet (i´m still learning), sorry
  9. Darkness Beyond V2

    Hi CMT for: iDeath's Shiny Solosis (Quiet) (Non-redis) Ability: Magic Guard IV's: 31/26/31/31/31/0 EV's: UT (Cloned from the AR device) (I can trade this. You can't)
  10. The Stormy Trading Thread. Now Open!

    In response to your CMT: yes the 2nd one is male, i´ll take this Semi Redis OT: STORM | ID:26667 Nature: Timid | Rumination Field 31/31/30/30/30/30 Ability: Justified | Lvl 42 UT Moves: Giga Drain/Retaliate/Sacred Sword/Helping Hand Notes: none Can we trade tomorrow?
  11. Red and White: 'new XD pokemon coming soon'

    Yes, they are in 4th gen, i´ll take your mismagius :)
  12. Ҭңɘ Sɧɨηұ Ғʅυϯє (Fifth Gen Trading)

    yes, they are on 4th gen, i´ll take your mismagius :)
  13. Str0ngbadia [Giveaway poll up. You're input would be appreciated]

    CMT for: Ferroseed ♀ | Lv. 1 UT | Route 3 Sassy | 31/31/31/x/31/0 Leech Seed | Spikes | Harden |Tackle Also available as Ferrothorn EV’d at Lv. 50 or 100: 252 HP / 48 Def / 208 SpD Leech Seed | Spikes | Gyro Ball |Protect Cloned with an AR ★Slowpoke ♀ |Lv. 1 UT | Wellspring Cave Relaxed |...
  14. Red and White: 'new XD pokemon coming soon'

    Small update horsea, tyrogue
  15. Ask here for D/P Standard

    I´ll play
  16. (Please lock this)

    If its something that i can do on 4th gen then yes (D/P/PT) Just fill my format
  17. (Please lock this)

    CMT for: Latias OT: Space Ability: Levitate IVs: 31/6/31/30/31/30 Hidden Power: Fire 70 Nature: Timid Gender: female Level: 40 EVs: Untouched Moveset: Trick, Refresh, Mist Ball, Zen Headbutt
  18. Dragonite says Hi! [New update: check last post!]

    Hi in response to your CMT: Latias (Latias) (★) OT: xElite | ID No.: 02227 | Gender: ♀ Nature: Timid | Ability: Levitate | Type: Dragon-Psychic Location: Johto Hidden Power: Dark 70 IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31 EV: UT | Level: 40 Moves: Water Sport | Refresh | Mist Ball | Zen Headbutt...
  19. Red and White: 'new XD pokemon coming soon'

    Yes, it´s male