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  1. Posho

    Gen 5 Smogon Premier League IX: BW OU Discussion

    Hello Smogon Community, SPL already started, and I'm pretty much thrilled about the matchups we're soon going to get. This thread will be used to discuss anything BW OU-related, be it teams, trends, players or match-ups, so I hope you share your thoughts whether or not you're playing the tier in...
  2. Posho


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE PO SHOW ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Index: Introduction Team preview Teambuilding process...
  3. Posho

    Gen 5 Lluvia mexicana

    Introduction~ Hello smogon community, as you've noticed I'm Posho, a user who's been around for almost 2 years in this forum and really get to like it due to its cool members, tournaments and stuff. I remember my first post in here was a rmt showcasing a team which I peaked top 10 on po with...
  4. Posho

    ORAS OU Dinner is served

    Hi, i am new here, I'm SweetPosho or Posho, no matter how do you call me. First of all i would like to say i'm Spanish, i study english but it isn't perfect yet, if you find any mistake please tell me and I'll correct it. INTRODUCTION Well, I made this team when ORAS started, as you know ORAS...