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  1. Realistic Waters

    SM NU Queen Dusclops (Peak #1 1742)

    QUEEN DUSCLOPS Introduction: Hello Smogon, I thought I'd drop an NU team which I used to ladder with which included dusclops which managed to top the ladder. It's a semi-stall team which I had a lot of fun with, I didn't really have a building process but the team seemed to work well for me...
  2. Realistic Waters

    ORAS NU no fun allowed (peaked #1)

    Hi, haven't done an RMT in over a year so I thought I'd do one. Stall isn't exactly the best play-style in the NU meta-game due to a large amount of offensive threats but it's still usable. I threw together some underrated and random pokemon and a made team. I managed to peak #1 on the ladder so...
  3. Realistic Waters

    ORAS NU Vivillon and Friends

    Hello my name is Realistic Waters and this is my first RMT! I've only been using this team for a short while however, the team is fun and easy to use. The team: Prinplup @ Eviolite Ability: Torrent EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe Bold Nature - Stealth Rock - Defog - Scald - Toxic...