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  1. The Immortal

    Suggestions for OM Improvement

    I'm pretty sure every test in the past 6 months had the Pokemon allowed. 1v1 had Mimikyu, ZU had Stoutland, BH had Illusion, and non-permanent formats definitely didn't ban stuff during tests.
  2. The Immortal

    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers: OM Edition

    AG Doubles is currently part of OM Mashups. Much like Doubles versions of other OMs, AG Doubles lacks demand to be its own entity. I also think that AG goes beyond OM, and if the Doubles section hasn’t created it it’s because there isn’t a need or demand for it.
  3. The Immortal

    1v1 1v1 Metagame Discussion

    The suspect test has concluded. UnleashOurPassion: Ban TDA: Ban motogp: Ban DEG: Ban gyffyrd: Ban ayedan: Ban UBERLandon21: Ban Jirachirelia: Ban MaceMaster: Do not ban XSTATIC COLD: Ban Elo Bandit: Ban Osra: Ban ryyjyywyy: Do not ban Freddy Kyogre: Ban toadandhishaxx: Do not ban 12/18 > 60%...
  4. The Immortal

    Tournament OM Snake Draft - FINALS [Won by The Crabominable Snowmen]

    Thanks everyone that participated and made this tournament a success. Congrats to the winners Sylveon., TheCoastsOfToast and the rest of The Crabominable Snowmen!
  5. The Immortal

    We have DEG so...

    We have DEG so...
  6. The Immortal

    Tournament World Cup of OMs - Player Signups

    Player name: The Immortal Metas: AAA, can do MnM with a builder Eligibility: Asia (UAE) Significant Time Missed: No
  7. The Immortal

    UU OMs Mega Thread

    Changes this month: - Arceus-Ghost, Kyurem-White, Ho-Oh + Garchomp-Mega, Marshadow - + Victini, Donphan, Primarina, Gardevoir-Mega - Bisharp, Manaphy, Lunala, Xurkitree + Lucario-Mega, Celesteela, Terrakion, Greninja, Blacephalon, Charizard-Mega-Y, Archeops - Scizor, Suicune + Hippowdon...
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  9. The Immortal

    Suggestions for OM Improvement

    As has been pointed out, that rule was made a really long time ago. My understanding of the rule originally was that it was to apply to the thread. Before we started a stringent OMotM process, these threads were very casual. Some sort of comment with the vote was a common sight. Thus, the rule...
  10. The Immortal

    Tournament OM Snake Draft - FINALS [Won by The Crabominable Snowmen]

    PSA: Stoutland is banned from ZU
  11. The Immortal

    Tournament OM Snake Draft - FINALS [Won by The Crabominable Snowmen]

    FINALS The Crabominable Snowmen (Sylveon. TheCoastsOfToast) VS The Partying Poliwags (Catalystic MAMP) USUM Camomons: Highlord vs obii USUM Partners in Crime: Akumeoy vs jasprose USUM Sketchmons: Terracotta vs Leru USUM Tier Shift: Akashi vs Wyn USUM ZU: skysolo14 vs RawMelon Deadline...
  12. The Immortal

    Metagame Gods and Followers [Leader's Choice]

    Hi Ransei. Gods and Followers is the Leader’s Choice for October!
  13. The Immortal

    M&M Mix and Mega

    Unrelated but the OM leadership has appointed Quantum Tesseract to co-lead Mix and Mega. Based off of feedback we’ve received, as well as other events, we believe it is best for the future of Mix and Mega. If you have any further concerns, feel free to message myself and/or E4 Flint. Use this...
  14. The Immortal

    Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    presumably it had calm mind, which rejected play rough and return, then it rolled belly drum and rejected calm mind and dazzling gleam. or something like that. and got stuck with the last rolled moves.
  15. The Immortal

    Tournament OM Snake Draft - FINALS [Won by The Crabominable Snowmen]

    Week 5 The Bodacious Bisharps (Betathunder DurzaOffTopic) VS The Crabominable Snowmen (Sylveon. TheCoastsOfToast) USUM Camomons: Andyboy vs Highlord USUM Partners in Crime: Pigeons vs Akumeoy USUM Sketchmons: Sage vs Zesty43 USUM Tier Shift: Fardin vs Akashi USUM ZU: Kushalos vs czim The...
  16. The Immortal

    OM Ladder Achievements [Kektus Challenge @ Post 255!]

    Win a 1v1 game with Magikarp: