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  1. Zodiax

    Moving Country

    Apologies if this has already been discussed but I was wondering if anyone on here has actually moved countries? Whether its for work, pleasure, education or just a change in life. I'm planning on moving to Canada within the next two months to further my career in cheer and wanted to know...
  2. Zodiax

    What does drunk you do?

    Im drunk at the moment but do you guys do anything that is not the norm from what drunk you do, let's find out
  3. Zodiax

    Serious Manchester Concert

    Im typing from my phone so there might be spelling mistakes For those of the Smogon community who do not know, Ariana Grande performed at the Manchester Arena on Monday 22nd May 2017 where many young adults, parents and children attended. Police were called to the scene at 22:35 after an...
  4. Zodiax

    Have you had your Wisdom Teeth out?

    Title I'm going to get three wisdom teeth taken out today and I was wondering if anyone else in the Smogon community had done so and see which is the best method, things you can do at home after the procedure and what food/drink items are appropriate. I've seen online that I can choose either...
  5. Zodiax

    Welcome to Smogcast Requests!

    Hello! Welcome to the Smogcasts Requests forum! If you are stuck on what the guidelines are for Smogcasts feel free to look at this thread here. This is an open forum, so other Smogon users can have a say into a Smogcast but the final decision will be made with the Social Media Moderators...
  6. Zodiax

    Approved Sun Moon Cast

    Date: Tomorrow (11th May) 7pm -5GMT Cast members: Zodiax, TheMantyke, antemortem, DHR, Haruno Cast contents: Everything thats been revealed so far for Sun and Moon :>
  7. Zodiax

    Resident Evil [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

    Resident Evil was first created in 1996 and is still strong 20 years on. Currently having 22 games released for consoles and more planned for the future it is one of my favourite franchises to play. What is your favourite game/moment from the series? Do you enjoy playing these games as I have...
  8. Zodiax

    YouTube YouTube Feature Suggestions

    If you have an idea for the Smogon YouTube that you want to produce, please PM myself, antemortem, PoMMan and Mambo. But if you have an idea for a one-off video or recurring feature but for one reason or another aren't able to see it through yourself, then post it in this thread! I can't promise...
  9. Zodiax

    Pokemon Showdown Social Media Room

    Hi there, I thought I'd give a little introduction as The Smog staff probably don't know me. I was a writer for The Player when it was a forum and mostly did Articles about rooms. As The Player has now merged with The Smog I wanted to write about the new room "Social Media". The room has been...
  10. Zodiax

    Denied Language Rooms on PS!

    This article I've put a bit of thought into and how we can execute it. During this article I would like to write a long paragraph about each of the different language rooms on PS!, however, to benefit the rooms which do not speak English I would like to see all of the paragraphs translated into...
  11. Zodiax

    Approved Room Owners Perspective

    Hey, firstly I want to write this article with Blitzamirin Basically, this article will explain what Room Owners do on a daily basis for their rooms. Every room is obviously different and every Room Owner has a different way of running things. For this article, I wanted to get someone who owns...
  12. Zodiax

    Denied Lets Talk Health & Fitness

    In this article I want to write about the stuff we do in the room and the activities we have currently and what we planned for the future. I can add some stuff to do with our room like the topic it's self and give some Health Tips and give some facts to make the article more appealing.
  13. Zodiax

    Option of Enabling "Likes" in Smogon Conversations

    Hi there, I don't see any other thread suggesting this so I thought I'd pitch the idea. Many conversations on Smogon involve quite a few people in them, depending on what the conversation could be. For example, many Pokemon Showdown rooms have a Room Staff conversation to discuss policy...
  14. Zodiax

    Approved How to be successful at Challenges (Challenges Room)

    Article name can change to something more eye pleasing Okay so this article will explain how to be successful with different types of challenges the room offers. This will explain the easiest methods on how to successfully beat challenges and goes more in-depth to what we do in challenges as...
  15. Zodiax

    Ball Cup

    Approved by The Immortal Welcome to Ball Cup! I came up with the idea after playing some Challenge Cup and having Pokeballs as my items and thinking "There is no use for them" So this Other Meta will introduce poke balls through all generations and each one having an effect (Similar to some...
  16. Zodiax

    Player Competitions

    This isn't really an article but maybe we could have some sort of competition which can be in each issue. The winner can be chosen by The Player staff and the winner can be featured in the competition article for next issue? The only thing I'm struggling with is competition ideas for each...
  17. Zodiax

    Introduction to PS Table Top

    I would like to talk about the following room: Table Top In this article I would like to explain what events we hold in Table Top and How quests and the general atmosphere is like. Being Room Owner and knowing the Ins and Outs of this room will help me not only to apply my knowledge for the...
  18. Zodiax

    Educational Rooms

    I would like to write about the following rooms in this article: TV, Books and Films Academics Debates and Discussions In this post I will be talking about what you can do in these rooms and the events which can take place in these rooms. For example: Academics have Jeopardy and TV, Books and...