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  1. Dre89

    Gen 1 Personal Viability-Based Tier List(Wrap)

    Decided to do this because I was bored and thought it might spark some life into these forums. I'm not using the OU and UU tiers, because those signify usage, whereas I'm only concerned with viability. These are just my opinion, and note that it factors wrap. These tiers aren't designed to be...
  2. Dre89

    Gen 2 Would an Item Clause make GSC more popular?

    We all know GSC is the stalliest meta and is the least played one. We all know that part of the reason why GSC is more stally is due to the omnipresence of leftovers. I'm sure it's been suggested a million times, but why not remove the item clause. I honestly cannot think of an argument against...
  3. Dre89

    Gen 2 RMT GSC OU (Offence)

    I'm only good at using aggressive teams that can hit hard benefitting heavily off double switches, predicting switch ins etc. I'm new to GSC and pretty bad at it and don't know how to build teams yet, so please help me out here. Nidoking@Leftovers Lovely Kiss Earthquake Thunder Ice Beam...
  4. Dre89

    Gen 1 Using Gengar as a non-lead

    I want to use gengar, mostly because I think it's cool and it walls stuff like wrap and random niche threats like persian that you might run into every now and then on the ladder. It also has huge playmaking potential that's based more on ballsy predictions than evaluations, which seems to...
  5. Dre89

    Gen 1 Lead Tier List

    Just to clarify, this means how good they are in the lead position, not how good a pokemon that can lead happens to be in general. This is just my list, but feel free to post your own, or tell me what you think is wrong with mine. Note that the pokemon aren't ranked in order within a tier. S...