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  1. Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    Partner in crime, inheritance, ultimate z, suicide cup
  2. BH Balanced Hackmons

    Yes. Everyone who has ever played this meta has.
  3. 1v1 1v1 Resources

    Nominating Aron D-> C- Aron's rank doesn't reflect its utility in the current metagame. Looking at S and A ranks, Aron has a strong matchup against many metagame pokemon: S rank: Gyarados-Mega: Gyarados mega evolves and ohkos. Aron loses this matchup. Kyurem-Black: Kyurem ohkos. Aron loses this...
  4. Metagame Inheritance

    Nominating Pikachu D -> Unranked, I really doubt this needs any explanation 90 speed is slow 35 hp is bad even with hypnosis transforming and actually doing anything is hard af
  5. Resource USUM OU ULTRA Viability Ranking Thread

    Not saying I disagree with a pz drop, but that replay doesn't really prove anything. You switched pz into a heavy slam, putting it in range of the fake out. That's like someone nominating lando down to a+ using a replay where it switched in on kb's ice beam and getting ohkoed.
  6. BH Balanced Hackmons Central Resources

    Dusk mane is not a worse solgaleo, it has compramable bulk and 20 more attack. Def A rank imo. Ultra necrozma also isn't a worse mmy, with dragon stab it can break through stuff like zygc and Tina easier. Ultra necrozma deserves at least B- tbh
  7. BH Balanced Hackmons Central Resources

    Kangaskhan-Mega deserves to rise, after the pdon ban stall is rampant and kangaskhan is literally an uncounterable mon. This thing laughs at every wall in the tier, and isnt that impossible to imposyerproof, and should rise to a-.
  8. Metagame Ultimate Z

    There is definitely reason to unban hold hands. Happy Hour and Celebrate have abusers like Jirachi, Greninja, and Victini. Hold hands has Raichu-A, which won't even be viable once koko gets banned, charizard and vivillion, which are not and never will be viable. And it isn't about normalium z...
  9. Metagame Ultimate Z

    Not saying you should use normalium z, but it was just a calc to show the damage roll. You can replace breakneck blitz with anything that hits kyub neutrally or se lol, it was just easier in the calc since no ground z moves have 200 bp in standard. e: Hold Hands definitely deserves an unban, but...
  10. Metagame Ultimate Z

    +2 252+ Atk Cloyster Breakneck Blitz (200 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Kyurem-Black: 385-453 (98.4 - 115.8%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO Literally 87.5% vs 90%, and a 200 bp z move has a lot more utility than rock blast.
  11. Metagame Ultimate Z

    Why are you running rock blast on cloyster? You'd much rather have a stronger z move imo. Not objecting to having one multi-hit move, icicle spear is solid, but having 2 is just bad imo
  12. Metagame Ultimate Z

    Here's a really viable and underrated set: Smeargle @ Focus sash Ability:Own tempo EVs: 252 HP/252 Spe/4 Def Timid/Jolly Nature -Sticky Web -Topsy-Turvy/Spectral Thief/Heart Swap - Spore/Magic Coat -Stealth Rock/Magic coat Webs are really good in this meta and are being slept on imo. Once you...
  13. Metagame Ultimate Z

    Evasion doesn't need a ban, z attack moves have perfect accuracy.
  14. Metagame Ultimate Z

    Tapu koko is looking REQLLY ovrrpowred. Possessing 130 speed, it is the second fastest viable mom, the fastest needing a kill to reach that speed tier. In addition, tapu koko has 115 attack 450 bp move... basically forcing a ground type. Even then, koko clicks u-turn on the switch, or 2hkos with...
  15. Metagame Dual Wielding

    Except with scarf + lo everywhere, crobat's 130 speed doesn't look that threatening. Needing both webs and tspikes to function doesnt look very good for it. Scarf Gallade looks like ban.
  16. M&M Mix and Mega Resources

    Cresseila and Mimikyu in B-? This has to be a joke. After the marshadow ban bulky setup has gotten way better. Cresseila sets up on so much and is so hard to stop, it deserves to be way higher than stuff like kyorge and excadrill. Cresseila B- -> B+. Mimikyu is great on offensive teams. It gets...
  17. Metagame Statattack

    Sorry, I was wrong. That mechanic is really strange.
  18. Metagame Statattack

    Um, what? Ditto is definitely going to be better in this meta than standard. Pokemon having 3 moves doesnt effect ditto that much when you consider that ditto will copy the opponents boosts and then boost again. This lets you transform into their breaker, and immediately get +2, and force them...
  19. BH Balanced Hackmons Central Resources

    Shedinja should rise to A, its insanely good with sturdy. Before you say it dies to stuff like sunsteel, moongeist, and status, if it didn't, it would be banned. It should be A rank factoring in these weaknesses. Primal Kyogre should rise to S, it males sense that it should be with the other...