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    Metagame np: USUM DOU Stage 3 - Ghosts That We Knew

    There is a Doubles Ladder Tournament starting shortly where you qualify for a single elimination bracket based on your ladder scores. So that may be exactly what you are looking for, playing on ladder like you have been and being able to use that as a stepping stone to take a stab at...
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    Tournament Battle Spot Premier League III - Commencement Thread

    Who thought it was a good idea to let Mr.GX be on the cat team
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    blood totem resurrection thread

    So is noone gonna point out that the Storms have failed to field Checkmater not just once, but twice how long are you gonna lock up this beast behind bars!!?!?
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    Tournament Doubles Premier League 4 - Week 2
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    blood totem resurrection thread

    remember why the storms won last year
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    Smogon Staff and Promotions

    MajorBowman is the new Doubles OU Tier Leader!
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    Announcement Now Come the Days of the Major

    This masterpiece brought to you by GenOne May they be blessed MajorBowman is your new Doubles OU Tier Leader
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    Tournament Doubles OU Hall of Fame

    Doubles Circuit Winner 2017 Winner: Frania 2016 Winner: stax 2015 Winner: Stratos 2014 Winner: Tricking Doubles Premier League Doubles Premier League 4 Winner: Hungry Hungry Hippowdons Manager: miltankmilk Players: Croven, miltankmilk, Akaru Kokuyo, Vallex, Memoric, obii, Psynergy...
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    Resource Doubles Overview, Rules, and Q&A - Ask Questions Here! (Resource Index Inside)

    Visit the duu_cruu channel on Doubles Discord for live chat: Or post on Doubles UU Thread that I already linked:
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    Tournament Doubles Premier League 4: Tier and Format Discussion Thread

    Skill level is generally something hard to quantify. Generally people can relatively gauge it based on how you do in tournaments or when people watch you play. For DUU specifically there is a tournament circuit with another tour starting soon in this forum. You can view the general DUU thread...
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    Tournament Doubles Premier League 4: Tier and Format Discussion Thread

    1. Should captains be allowed to play? - Yes. I don't want to lose out on important players and I am sure a fair number wouldn't manage if they couldnt play. Which in turn limits our choices for picking good managers 2. If so, what restrictions should be in place or in what manner should this...
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    DOU Doubles Ladder Tournament I 2018 (Won by Mint16)

    Re: Frania again We have received new information from the previous week where Frania behaved in an unacceptable manner while playing on ladder during Week 1. He went so far as to enter into PM's with a user after their ladder game finished to attack them in a extremely personal manner. This...
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    DOU USUM Doubles OU Winter Seasonal Round 9 (Losers' Bracket Only)

    its not even been 2 days and 3 out of 4 matches are done literally how
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    DOU USUM Doubles OU Winter Seasonal Round 8

    miltankmilk and I will be streaming Demantoid vs Elise at 4pm EST today (in 3 hours) It will be on as usual
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    Metagame np: USUM DOU Stage 2 - Fat Bottomed Girls Snorlax is officially banned from Doubles OU by a heavy majority of 87.23%
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    USUM DOU Stage 2 Suspect Voting

    This suspect test is over Ban: 41 Do Not Ban: 6 87.23% of active voters have voted to Ban Snorlax from the Doubles OU Tier. The remaining 8 voters wont change the well over 60% majority that the Ban side has. Thus Snorlax will be banned from Doubles OU. The Thread will remain open for the...