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  1. Otter Power

    Pokémon Mimikyu

    I haven't tested it out yet, but I've been thinking about pairing it up with a sub-passer. That gives you a layer of protection on top of your layer of protection. It gives you more time to do something like Twave or Swords Dance, even Psych up if you really want to screw with a boosting...
  2. Otter Power

     Generic sprite project

    Count me in. I'll go for these two: Grass group Flying Group Here is my little birdy mini-sprite. The design is final, but the colours might not be because I'm colour-blind and it may need more contrast. 200% 100%
  3. Otter Power

    Suggestions for Pokémon Showdown

    I've been thinking, how about some new advanced search features for spectating battles? Like, since we display rank now, we could add a "search by rank" option: like, "search for battles in-between __ and __ rank". Then you could watch low or high or whatever-level play you want! It would also...
  4. Otter Power

    CAP Cries for Pokemon Showdown! ...Or just for fun :)

    Yeahhh I'm excited to be a part of this! I just hope my parents can send my synthesizer from overseas soon. Best I can do now is provide some samples from my own fakemon... Reflux - Chemocail - [no image yet] Alchemire...
  5. Otter Power

    CAP 21 CAP 21 - Part 8 - Art Poll 1

    Otter Power Prinny Master Nightmare Serum Magistrum Slapperfish Sunfished a Deer Bummer DougJustDoug Chomz
  6. Otter Power

    CAP 21 CAP 21 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission Base: Mega: Upon mega evolving, this guy gets a rounded, less ogreish jaw, changes its stance, and gets a full crystalline crown for a dominating, kingly look. Its stone body becomes encased in an armour of solid red crystals, giving it the ability Magic Guard. Supporting...
  7. Otter Power

    CAP 21 CAP 21 - Part 7 - Secondary Ability Poll 1

    Rattled No Competitive Ability Oblivious Mold Breaker Good choices in abilities. Intimi is cool, but that might patch up our weakness of low defence a bit much.
  8. Otter Power

    CAP 21 CAP 21 - Part 4 - Mega Ability Poll 2

    Adaptability Sand Stream Hell no to MG. Between these three ability choices it just doesn't bring anything interesting to either rock or poison type, which would be a fail for a "typing underdog" CAP.
  9. Otter Power

    CAP 21 CAP 21 - Part 4 - Mega Ability Poll 1

    Regenerator Adaptability Sand Stream
  10. Otter Power

    CAP 21 CAP 21 - Art Submissions

    I'm like, miiiildly colourblind, so of course colouring is going to be absolutely irritating. But I'll press on. Here's my coloured CAP so far! Body and crystals are dark to give it that cave-dweller feel, along with deathly yellow-and-red eyes to scare the crap out of trespassers. I hope...
  11. Otter Power

    CAP 21 CAP 21 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Poll 2

    Sand Stream Regenerator Rattled
  12. Otter Power

    CAP 21 CAP 21 - Art Submissions

    Orrighty, I think it's time I posted my sketch too! Here's the non-mega form of my skorpy. Of course, the stone body will be brown, and the crystals will glow violet. The body is pretty much final - I'm just making the boulders less ragged (to look more like Onix/Boldore rocks). The face/head...
  13. Otter Power

    CAP 21 CAP 21 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    NumberCruncher DetroitLolCat RishRaff
  14. Otter Power

     Challenger Approaching- Art Contest!

    Awesome! <3 Right now I'm far off on a trip and can't trade yet, but reserve these ones for me por fava! #2 Swinub #5 Larvitar (so many aaah) #8 Bergmite #15 Togepi. When I'm free to trade I'll shoot you a message. Thank you! And 'course, congratulations to everyone else who participated too...
  15. Otter Power

     Art Contest: Smogon's Front Page Images

    HAWWWW... LUUUUUUU... CHYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!: ... Is my first entry! Thoughts and stuff? He'll be my red for the red-blue-green pattern thing.
  16. Otter Power

     Challenger Approaching- Art Contest!

    I've updated my original post with a set of Malamar's specials. Just in time for round two!
  17. Otter Power

     Challenger Approaching- Art Contest!

    Orright, I think it's time I submitted mine. Quite a few Pokemon were chosen from their prominence in the anime - it's why jiggypuff was in 64, why meowth was considered for it, why Pikachu's in (though he's the mascot anyway). I also hear a lot of people say "we need more villains in smash!"...
  18. Otter Power

    Jac's Art-ia of the Soul

    JAC HAS ART?!?!?! (For reals though, keep at it. Can you draw an Otter in a shirt por fava? I'll pay you with *mumbles incoherently*.)
  19. Otter Power

    CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 9 - Art Poll 1

    Otter Power Hollymon noobiess aXl Magistrum HealnDeal Mos-Quitoxe DougjustDoug Wobblebuns I'm just so happy I didn't forget to actually submit my design this time >w<
  20. Otter Power

    CAP 20 CAP 20 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission Well, I might change it a bit still depending on how it goes, but at least I won't forget the typing-"final submission" part. Whatever's here when time is up will be my final. Also, I'll throw in this supporting doodle - Just another view to show how his hand clams claws...