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  1. Serperior

    I've been thinking about running a Jaroda set made not to sweep, just annoy the opponent. A set like this may have been posted already, also the EV's are random and probably wrong, but i'm in a hurry. Jaroda @ Leftovers w/overgrow 252 HP/ 74 Def/ 184 Spe -Glare -Taunt -Leech Seed/Whatev -Giga...
  2. Happpy Birthday Blastoise!!!!! subed 2 u on utube.

    Happpy Birthday Blastoise!!!!! subed 2 u on utube.
  3. Mandibuzz

    How about a set to just stall and annoy your opponent and your counters? Barujiina @ leftovers w/Breakable Armor 252 HP/184 Def/16 SpDef/58 Spe -Torment -Taunt/Protect -Toxic -Filler Ev's are random aswell as the set b/c i didn't have much time.
  4. SpeedShuffling: A Discussion of Swift Destruction (+1 example set!)

    Sounds like a fun option to any shoddy/PO griefer :naughty:. I look forward to further testing of this. ...this thread has been dead for months. why?
  5. Retirement Team for Gen 4

    Thats a Tentacool. Not Tentacruel. I don't get it.
  6. Red Card

    Can't you just give this to a sweeper, switch them in on a predicted attack they resist, then set up on the forced switch. Or is it like roar where your opponent doesn't get to choose which pokemon they bring in, making the switch instantaneous?
  7. how goes it?

    how goes it?
  8. Dragonite

    So if i use multi scale dnite i have to carry roost and a rapid spinner? I probably should have read more posts but i see no immediate use for this ability.
  9. donate your brain 2meh?

    donate your brain 2meh?
  10. my sig is telling mods to stop trolling. not for the mods to bring an end to the trolling.

    my sig is telling mods to stop trolling. not for the mods to bring an end to the trolling.
  11. Sandslash

    No use comparing this thing to doryuzuu because doryuzuu is ou material while sadly sandslash still isn't, it is completely walled by the likes of hippowdon, nattorei, donphan, gliscor, and plenty others. can be a menace in uu/nu however.
  12. Offencive Strike

    offensive is spelled incorrectly.
  13. Scizor

    Air Slash/Bug Buzz/Hp whatever/filler It isn't the slightest bit conventional i'll admit, but until you've tried it can you really rate it?
  14. Scizor

    Why hasn't anyone posted a possible special sweeping set? Originallity is a very dangerous thing in the hands of an experienced player.
  15. NAOooOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't delete my POST!!!!!!!!!!!

    NAOooOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't delete my POST!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Gavantula

    Thanks for the chart-ish thing groshi, I'm pretty sure i'm going with HP ice so can easily kill dragons and gliscor like you said.
  17. Gavantula

    Question about spider web, is it like mean look where unless you baton pass the mean look they can switch out if you switch out? For a spider web set to be effective do you have to have volt change to make sure your opponent cannot switch?
  18. Emboar

    I made a bulk up set aswell, mine looked different though. Emboar Adamant @leftovers w/Reckless or Blaze 200 HP /104 Att /200 SpDef Bulk Up Flare Blitz Hammer Arm Head Smash Force something to switch, get 1 bulk up Emboar is already slow so i didn't try to put nitro charge on because...
  19. OU Balanced W/O Legendaries

    You should consider giving your Bronzong more HP evs like the first poster said as more hp WILL alow it to take hits better. Also, I don't have calcs, but I'm fairly sure without any investment in SpAtt on Bronzong grass knot won't do much to bulky waters, even swampert can take one easily...
  20. Froslass

    Fross can barely take a hit. Unless @ full health w/focus sash, there is no doubt a stone edge from heracross will OHKO. plus cross is uu now. -.-