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  1. Pending Teambuilder: Hexagon-style Stat Page (Toggleable)

    For a while now as a cart player I've been bemoaning the desync between cart and ps stat page layout, which I go back and forth between often when finalizing a team for a tournament, for example. I suggest a toggle that switches the stat page layout to a hexagon style, with atk and def on the...
  2. Gen 3 SIGNUPS OPEN FOR ORRE CUP 10 (>100€ prize pool + Emerald cart for winner if 10 more people join!)

    Should 40 or more players participate in round 1 of Orre Cup X, I'll be mailing a loose copy of Pokemon Emerald to the victor- so make sure to sign up, and bully (or just ask) your friends into joining as well. JOIN THE DISCORD
  3. Resource VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    join the vgc channel, they do room tours in there with open team sheets
  4. Resource VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    scream tail looks like a TR setter to me it won't do much damage
  5. Resource VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    I'm glad the team is working out for you, being able to use my favorite mons is one of the best parts of VGC imo. It's just about finding what they're best at and utilizing that to its full potential
  6. Resource VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    By the time it gets expanding force (if at all...) Tapu Lele will probably be available, and even without expanding force Lele is much better But if you don't have male you can definitely stick with female for now
  7. Resource VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    So the initial 10 SpA by itself doesn't mean a ton, it's going to increase damage by like, 8% The main thing is indeedee has a lot of multipliers with stab, terrain, tera, and life orb that multiplies that 8% to closer to 20% Plus the speed difference, of course. Not a ton you hit in that...
  8. Resource VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    I swear by indeedee-M, used it in every format where tapu lele wasn't legal The speed tier is more than a little awkward for both male and female but female doesn't die to sucker punch at the cost of like, not ohkoing volcarona or something random I'm sure I usually go...
  9. Resource VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    drifblim has a niche but it's not really with flare boost psychic seed unburden drifblim gives it a fast tailwind that lets you match the prankster tailwind users pretty easily, but the downside of course is that it has to be paired with indeedee. This isn't the worst thing if you run offensive...
  10. Kingambit [QC 0/1]

    It's just a lot like ttar where you can kinda run anything and it's nuts
  11. Kingambit [QC 0/1]

    What's the main upside to it over flying? I saw a bit of usage on pikalytics Out of the items I mentioned I think life orb and sitrus are the best offensively and defensively but as far as popularity I think I've seen goggles over all but orb actually
  12. VGC Pelipper

    thank you :) the only thing I didn't change was "for a weaker alternative" the context here is that the best alternative for hydro pump is actually water pulse so it's hydro pump or bust essentially will update accordingly
  13. Kingambit [QC 0/1]

    [OVERVIEW] * Kingambit is undoubtedly a VGC all-star thanks to its high BST, great stat distribution, amazing defensive typing, unique movepool, powerful abilities, and versatility. * This flexibility makes Kingambit a quality option both to support and dismantle common strategies like Trick...
  14. Resource VGC 2023 Analysis Reservations (Series 1)

    I'd only like to work on one at a time so please let me know which is preferable and I'll reserve only that one talked over Cord. They got Kingambit
  15. VGC Pelipper

    GP Team
  16. Grammar-Prose Team Queue: Brave New World

    VGC 23 Pelipper Copyediting - Pelipper [GP 0/1] | Smogon Forums thank you
  17.  VGC 2023 Metagame Discussion: Regulation C

    The best annihilape counter is hoping they're scarf gambit :p It takes a lot of firepower to threaten annihilape, but I've been doing okay just by threatening enough damage to kill it neutrally, like baxcalibur glaive rush or floatzel wave crash, before bulk up And then picking it off with...
  18.  VGC 2023 Metagame Discussion: Regulation C

    you can also try making your sylveon min speed, it's got a pretty good speed tier to function under trick room. It plus amoonguss can really put in work in that matchup you can try to make use of telepathy by bringing a boomburst or earthquake mon something like...
  19. VGC Pelipper

    couple notes I personally use grass tera as well but ground seems to be the more popular choice, so I went with it first I was debating dark tera because even though Pelipper matches up well into murkrow, it gets taunted regularly. Dark tera could come in clutch for setting up a necessary...
  20. VGC Pelipper

    [OVERVIEW] * Pelipper's role is primarily to set rain for its teammates, but functions it as an offensive support Pokemon with fully accurate Hurricanes and access to Tailwind and Wide Guard. * Rain boosts the power of Water-type teammates such as Palafin, Floatzel, and Drednaw, and it also...