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  1. Gen 2 Need a Rate

    ---Dragonite 1. Dynamic Punch 2. Extremespeed 3. Thunder 4. Ice Beam @ Leftovers ^ Needs moar this on your team. ---Gengar 1. Giga Drain 2. Thunderbolt 3. Ice Punch 4. Explosion @ Scope Lens or this ^ :devil: Offensive-only teams = GOAT, way more fun to use than stall-teams even though...
  2. What do you miss most from the Gen. I era?

    Solar Beam owned too >:D
  3. Gen 1 RBY UU v1

    Slash owns :devil:
  4. Gen 1 RBY UU v1

    Arcanine is my favorite Fire from RBY. But I was never a competitive player in RBY so my opinion is most likely null and void. What is a good set for Arcanine anyway? I use... Fire Blast, Double Edge, Hyper Beam, Reflect. inb4itsucks.
  5. Gen 1 RBY UU v1

    Forgot he learns Surf >_< Raichu owns, I love his sprite in Yellow. In-Game, I only choose my team based on how much I like their sprites. The Eeevee evolution chain OFC has good sprites in Yellow as well. Obviously so though :D
  6. Gen 1 RBY UU v1

    Why is Raichu borderline? What's so good about him? I thought his stats and move-pool suck :s
  7. Gen 1 RBY UU v1

    At the moment in my Yellow version: 1. Butterfree - Lvl 46 2. Marowak - Lvl 46 3. Ninetails - Lvl 47 4. Mew - Lvl 51 5. Raichu - Lvl 54 6. Vaporeon - Lvl 59 ^ Butterfree is UU but so useless why be used at all? >=D Beat the E4 in one try without any healing items :cheers: Regarding my other...
  8. What do you miss most from the Gen. I era?

    Yes, I forgot about the RBY animations; they were ownage. Hyper Beam = O_O Hydro Pump = O_O Blizzard = O_O Dragon Rage = O_O Fire Blast = O_O Solar Beam = O_O Crab Hammer = O_O etc. >:D
  9. What do you miss most from the Gen. I era?

    Nothing because I can still play it if I want. I if I did miss something it would be Gyarados' dominance in it, after RBY he became useless! At least for GSC; I have not played any other Pokemon >=D
  10. What do you miss most from the Gen. I era?

    Lance's Dragonite w/ Barrier Blue's Gyarados Lvl 22 with Dragon Rage Blue's Gyarados Lvl 35 with Hydro Pump Blue somehow having 6 lvl. 47-53 Pokemon after the 8th gym, if you beat EVERY trainer before the Victory Road cave you will not be able to have even 5 Pokemon in that range level. You...
  11. OU Should Snorlax count as Uber in GSC?

    Ubers = Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, and Ho-Oh in GSC. Snorlax is far too vulnerable to be named an Uber.
  12. Your most Memorable moment from Gold/Silver

    - Catching a shiny Entei (randomly OFC) - Dynamic Punch on Blue's Alakazam, it did not become confused - Breeding a Rhyhorn with Ditto and getting 4 female Rhyhorns in a row, even though Rhyhorn that was breeding was male...I realized it was the Ditto's fault. - Hypnosis missing for my Gengar...
  13. My screen froze too.

    My screen froze too.