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  1. Rate my UU team pls :)

    Yo. Just having a question. "Sharpedo @ Expert Belt" Why expert belt? I mean, you just have two offensive moves, the coverage isn't that good. Water + Dark are super effective on 5 types out of 18 (2 by dark, 3 for water. I think it's not high enough for the item you are using). In my opinion...
  2. XY UU attempt

    Edited. For the reason I already mentioned in the Swampert description, I think I will still use Waterfall. The rest is changed. I don't even think I need an ice punch, so remove all ice moves. Will see the repercution later, but should be ok with neutral moves. Again, thx all for the help.
  3. OU team volt-turn and duel trapping (Peeked 1700 and rising)

    Hey! Seems to be a good team. I just have one suggestion. Maybe you should use frustration over return, because usually, ditto is max hapiness (I think). Also, I'm wondering why 8 SpA on Rotom-W. Will probably try the team soon in order to give a better rate, and will edit the message with the...
  4. XY UU attempt

    Damn, your post is so useful. I think I should follow everything here, and try this soon, as all seems really good. Never tought that Brick Break was weaker than Heavy Slam, even if it's a super effective hit. I'm ok for ice punch. But I think I have to keep one, since I'm currently moving on HP...
  5. XY UU attempt

    Yeah, my english sucks. Thx for noticing this. Still good to improve my english.
  6. XY UU attempt

    This is definitely a good idea to put Super Fang on Crobat. Cross Poison is not so useful, this is just an implicit weapon most of the time. So should be ok without it. Thx for this :)
  7. XY UU attempt

    Ok, ty for your advices. Malamar was already adamant, was a mistake in a previous version u_u i'm ok for Raikou, a scarf one sounds good. Will try it soon. For aggron, the thing I'm trying to do is this : "a bulky tank (252 HP 252 Atk) with some attacks like Iron Head/Heavy Slam, Earthquake...

    I'm sorry because you posted the team some weeks ago, but I tried it and as I found it cool, I wanted to comment it. Imo, bug bite is better than u-turn on scizor. Like this, you can save the SD and the move is more powerful (thanks to the ability). I think the volt-turn core with Jolteon is...
  9. XY UU attempt

    Hey all. First, you have to know that I'm just a beginner to pokemon strategy. Just playing since 3/4 (intensive) weeks. Maybe you will think about obvious things that I missed. Also, never played this tier, so it's a first try; and the team isn't finished now. The fact is that I don't know well...