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  1. Help!!! Alolan Starters In All The Balls!!! ~ Inkblot's RNG abuse & Past Gen shop (It's about time)

    I have Primier ball Litten, Liz ball Rowlett, and Dive ball Poplio I can make eggs of for you
  2. [Gen 8] Semi-Flawless Bred Shiny Giveaway [CLOSED]

    Hello this is awesome, thank you for doing this! I’d like to request: 32,16,55,63,88 please My IGN is Torqan I’m EST timezone and can trade tonight or tomorrow or Sunday. Anytime that is convenient for you.
  3. [Gen8] JPN Dittos + VGC mons + Useful Items Giveaway [CLOSED]

    I recently started doing online battles. Am I able to request a couple of the same Pokémon to play around with their sets? I don’t want it to seem like I’m just taking things randomly. I assume it’s ok but wanted to ask so as to not be rude.
  4. [Gen8] JPN Dittos + VGC mons + Useful Items Giveaway [CLOSED]

    Love that you posted the data for this also. Very interesting to see the actual breakdown. Once again, thanks!
  5. [Gen8] JPN Dittos + VGC mons + Useful Items Giveaway [CLOSED]

    Thank you again for your service. It’s been awesome playing with some of these mons. Also the mints and bottle caps have been amazing and actually allow me to use some of my own mons!
  6. [Gen8] JPN Dittos + VGC mons + Useful Items Giveaway [CLOSED]

    Thank you so much for this service! It’s very much appreciated
  7. [CLOSED] Eisen's Battle Tree Factory

    Your giveaway looks amazing. As always great job!
  8. Free Thundurus and Tornadus codes

    If possible could I grab 4 codes (if you don’t mind) Thank you so much!
  9. To Rome with Love [Completed]

    Viva Greninja!! Awesome! Can I please grab one? IGN:Torqan Thanks so much!
  10. To Rome with Love [Completed]

    Viva Krookodile! Hello again! Can I grab one please IGN: Torqan FC: 4184-3248-3636
  11. A Blue Giveaway [Year 2]

    Hello again! Sorry I’ve been away playing God of War and with a new Puppy. May I please request week 13 GF Mew. Additionally can I grab an Xerneas and a Yvetal during the trade please? Answer: Pokémon following you like in HGSS. Thanks so much!
  12. Jirachi Giveaway [Gen7] ("Offline")

    Deposit: Abomasnow, Male, 60, premier ball IGN: Torqan
  13. Thank you! Yeah I replayed it a few times and had no problem. Just lost due to poor play but...

    Thank you! Yeah I replayed it a few times and had no problem. Just lost due to poor play but your team is really fun to use. Thanks again.
  14. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    Posting a completed Ultra Sun streak of 201 in Super Doubles BU5G-WWWW-WWWL-RK5G Team: Tapu Koko Choice specs Timid 252 SpA/252 Speed -Thunder -Dazzling Gleam -Hidden Power (Fire) -Volt Switch Pelipper Focus Sash Modest Drizzle 252 SpA/252 Speed -Tailwind -Hurricane -Brine -Protect...
  15. pilica12's Giveaway (Preparing for OU Giveaway; do not post)

    Request: Gengar (if possible could I grab that Tangrowth from the Facebook giveaway also? I wasn’t at home to participate yesterday) FC: 4184-3248-3636 IGN: Torqan Sounds good, thanks again!
  16. Jirachi Giveaway [Gen7] ("Offline")

    Deposited: Stunfisk, Male, 60, Ultra ball IGN: Torqan Thanks as always!
  17. Jirachi Giveaway [Gen7] ("Offline")

    Deposited: Poliwag, Female, 15, great ball IGN: Torqan Thank you!
  18. Jirachi Giveaway [Gen7] ("Offline")

    Deposited: Gumshoos, 35, Male, pokeball IGN: Torqan Thank you as always!
  19. Eisen's Battle-Ready Frenzy [Under renovation]

    Hello again! Would I be able to grab a breedable of your Adamant Growlithe in a fast Ball please? It has all the egg moves I’m looking for :)
  20. ★ The Pokémon Village ★

    Hello again! Do you still offer breeding services? If so I’d like to Request a Growlithe (you already have the parent :) ) Name: Growlithe Nature: Adamant Ability: Intimidate Shiny: Yes Ball: Fast EM1: Crunch EM2: Morning Sun EM3: Flare Blitz EM4: Close Combat Hatching Location: Wela Volcano...