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  1. Groombridge

    Other Pokemon of the Week [Starmie]

    Loved using Mamoswine from Gen IV onwards. The set I used most often was Sub + 3 attacks: come in to revenge or on a sure Electric attack, and Sub on the switch. Mamo scares a lot of things away with its STABs and power, so this isn't too tricky. Sub on a Swine catches a lot of people off guard...
  2. Groombridge

    Offensification (Hoopa-U BANNED)

    So is it the highest base attack stat that determines physical/special moves, or is it the highest at that moment, including stat changes? If it's highest including stat changes, then you can manipulate which category you want to use. Infernape @ Life Orb Ability: Blaze EVs: 128 Atk / 128 SpA /...
  3. Groombridge


    If Fake Out isn't banned, Ambipom becomes a ridiculous glass cannon: Ambipom @ Choice Scarf Ability: Technician EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Adamant/Jolly Nature - Fake Out - Last Resort Assuming Last Resort becomes available the instant Fake Out is used, Ambipom is pulling out a STAB...
  4. Groombridge

    Ladder Anything Goes

    Exactly right - just because you can hit something doesn't mean you're gonna have any effect on it. The point of Perish Song is that it bypasses subs and boosts. The reason it's Arceus using it is simply that it's the best thing in the game that gets it - the Extremekiller set is no less...
  5. Groombridge

    Ladder Anything Goes

    Moody/BP teams are horrific, especially when they start with Minimize. Mostly, all you can do is rage. Unless: Arceus @ Silk Scarf or Leftovers Ability: Multitype EVs: 152 HP / 252 Atk / 104 Spe Adamant Nature - Substitute - Swords Dance - Extremespeed - Perish Song *EVs are fairly random. Max...
  6. Groombridge

    Mega-Salamence: considering a quick ban (Don't ask for the thread to be closed!)

    Noivern certainly isn't a counter, since sashes are so easy to break. However, Scarf Noivern at least checks Mega Mence, even after a DD and past a sub. Draco Meteor is a OHKO unless Mence has 252 EVs in HP and at least 20 in SpD. But if that's not a bizarre, little-use-against-anything-else...
  7. Groombridge

    Other Pokemon: Smogon Version OU [Route 4]

    Agreed - tiny references are a nice idea, because not everyone will know who these people are. I had to look up this Verlisify person after reading this thread - we can't expect people to know who all the YouTube gamers du jour are. That's some meta-metagame shit there. Including these people...
  8. Groombridge

    Your Pre-Competitive "Strategy"

    Back in Gen I, I played Colosseum a lot, and although we had no idea about tiers or strategy or anything, we quickly realised that Mewtwo was every team's ringer (although we never banned it - asking for no Mewtwo was like admitting defeat). There had to be a way to beat it, but the damage chart...
  9. Groombridge

    Other XY OU Pokemon of the Week #12: Rotom-H

    This was Rotom-H's niche, especially in Gen VI where it's easier to keep rocks off the field. Rotom-H resists almost every single move Genesect uses (Flamethrower/Blaze Kick, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Bug Buzz/U-turn, Iron Head), with the exception of Extremespeed on Shift Gear sets. The only thing...
  10. Groombridge

    Sketchmons XY [Now Playable]

    Pinsir @ Pinsirite Ability: Moxie Nature: Jolly EV: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe - Swords Dance - Extremespeed - Return - Earthquake +2 Aerilate Extremespeed, gg meta. Stronger than Extremekiller, outprioritises and obliterates Talonflame. Usual checks and counters otherwise (Electric/Flying or...
  11. Groombridge

    Pokémon Infernape

    Might be Keldeo. Speed ties Infernape at worst (a lot run Scarf it seems), easily KOs with Surf/Hydro Pump. Outspeeds Porygon-Z and OHKOs with Secret Sword. 252 SpA Keldeo Surf vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Infernape: 386-456 (131.7 - 155.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO 252 SpA Keldeo Secret Sword vs. 4 HP / 0 Def...
  12. Groombridge

    Pokémon Gengar

    This is my Gengar du jour. At the moment, I'm using Shadow Ball/Focus Blast/Thunderbolt/Giga Drain. I've got Poison coverage elsewhere, so Gengar can do without. TBolt is always useful, and Giga Drain is great for the occasional surprise kill, as well as offsetting Life Orb recoil. If your...
  13. Groombridge

    Pokémon Krookodile

    Krookodile doesn't get Poison Jab, unfortunately. I sometimes used the Scarf set with Aerial Ace as a fourth move (after Knock Off/Stone Edge/EQ), just to nail Breloom. Even if Techniloom comes in to wall you, it'll most likely use Swords Dance rather than Mach Punch, so it just dies. It'll OHKO...
  14. Groombridge

    Pokémon Pinsir

    Yeah, Swords Dance is really the only 'optional' move on Pinsir. The others are just too good to pass up. I'd say Close Combat is a useful fourth move, though, just for the occasional awkward switch-in like Rotom-A and Skarm - with prior damage, you might get lucky with a 2HKO. Still walled by...
  15. Groombridge

    Pokémon Pinsir

    Trufax. Plus it counters Skarmory and Talonflame, Pinsir's biggest problems. Skarm dgaf about Pinsir, while Talonflame checks it all day long. Getting those two out of the way in one team slot is great. With a Scarf, it outspeeds stuff like Mega Kangaskhan with Will-o-Wisp, and can then Trick...
  16. Groombridge

    Pokémon Pinsir

    Tried Mega Pinsir after reading this thread - and it's brutal. Flying is such a nice STAB to have, and having it on a high-powered priority move is so nice. The massive SR weakness is a big downer, but that aside it's a great midfielder.
  17. Groombridge

    Move Knock Off

    Same as when you get killed by Iron Barbs/Rough Skin or Rocky Helmet when trying to Rapid Spin on Ferro/Chomp: the move hits, but the spin effect only happens if you survive. Knocking Off a Ferro/Chomp with a Rocky Helmet will do 28% to yourself, so it's worth bearing that in mind.
  18. Groombridge

    Move Knock Off

    Azumarrill loves Knock Off. It causes switches galore, and knocking off items is a great way to punish a switch early game. It also gives it a nice 2HKO on Jellicent in Pokebank OU, doing 70-80% to the 252 HP/252 Def utility set when it takes its item. If Jellicent isn't fully invested in Def...
  19. Groombridge

    XP -> X, YP

    XP -> X, YP
  20. Groombridge

    Pokémon Azumarill

    Knock Off is now as 65BP move, boosted to 97BP when it takes an item. I've been trying it out on various things to see what works, and Azumarill is actually one of the better ones. I've been trying: Azumarill @ Expert Belt Nature: Adamant Ability: Huge Power EV spread: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4...