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  1. termi

    Resource SV UU DLC 1 Viability Rankings

    whenever i used basculegion-m on rain i used cb adaptability for raw damage output to improve the matchup vs fatter teams, since nothing that isnt immune can hope to switch into cb wave crash under rain. also gives you access to speed control that isnt dependent on rain being up in the form of...
  2. termi

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v3 [Sneasler Banned]

    as a curious outsider im just wondering what exactly a gholdengo ban is supposed to do as far as the hazards meta goes aside from making corviknight somewhat better. fact of the matter is that when we look at the removal options in lower tiers, theyre either never gonna be good enough to see any...
  3. termi

    Veluza Sweep with fillet away

  4. termi

    Pokémon Weezing-Galar

    I haven't played SV OU in a long time so perhaps this wouldn't be such an optimal pick in practice, but I theorycrafted a potentially interesting Weezing-G set for Sun teams: Weezing-Galar @ Eject Pack Ability: Levitate Tera Type: Ghost / Ground / Fire EVs: 252 HP / 124 SpA / 132 SpD...
  5. termi

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask

    New Knock Off learners not yet mentioned in the OP; Infernape Morpeko Swanna (also gets Flip Turn!) Trevenant Spidops Arbok Poliwrath Ariados Some very curious distribution going on with Knock Off this gen, apparently they have decided that it makes sense for snakes to learn this move since...
  6. termi

    Proposal Sleep in BW NU

    Hi, I've been playing some BW2 NU in NUPL recently and while playing these games, it hit me: why aren't sleep moves banned? The fact is that (to my knowledge) all usage-based tiers in BW bar UU and NU already did ban sleep moves, and for good reasons: BW sleep mechanics are just completely...
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    Tournament NUPL XI - Week 5

    won in a close one, gg
  8. termi

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    usage doesn't determine viability/brokenness. turns out a lot of people dont think very hard about their team composition and just go "tera normal facade go brrrr", who knew? i dont really know what this part of your sentence is getting at. in any case numbers certainly dont lie but they also...
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    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    this sort of wall of calcs is about as convincing as "look how much damage cb rampardos does with head smash", which is to say, not convincing at all. ursaluna already hits hard enough to tear apart most of the metagame, especially given its offensive nature. seems way more productive to me to...
  10. termi

    RE: Tiering Response to Sudden Releases

    if 51-60% of voters vote ban on tera and it doesn't get banned, wouldn't you see the exact same thing though? at least if tera gets banned by a small majority, it is still a majority, a number you can't argue with. if tera doesn't get banned while i.e. 55% votes ban, you'll never hear the end of...
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    Tournament NUPL XI - Week 4

    won gg
  12. termi

    Tournament NUPL XI - Week 3

    won gg
  13. termi

    Tournament NUPL XI Player Signups [CUSTOM AVATAR PRIZE]

    player name: eternally tiers played: neverused timezone : gmt +11 availability: realistically will need teams weekly and won't be around much beyond my games. i am joining this tournament to team up with a certain duck.
  14. termi

    Tournament NUPL XI Manager Signups

    i'll allow it
  15. termi

    Tournament NUPL XI Manager Signups

    Manager name: termi Assistant manager: none! fuck you! Team name: fudge packing passimian Team preference 1: who cares Team preference 2: your mom
  16. termi

    Tournament SV PU No Johns Kickoff Tournament - Round 2

    opponent hasn't responded to my scheduling attempt, activity
  17. termi

    Metagame np: Stage 1: New Rules (Vivillon quickban post #173)

    I could write a lot about this meta and I hope to do a post on potent cores and fun sets I've used or seen so far, but for now I'm just gonna give my thoughts on the potential brokens. :sv/oricorio-pa'u: This thing being #1 in usage in kickoff comes as no surprise, since it is unfortunately...