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  1. Aladyyn

    Walrus New Year, New 'Rus

  2. Aladyyn

    A Colo(u)rful Walr(o)us

  3. Aladyyn

    DPP Cup VI - Signups

  4. Aladyyn

    Game of Thrones [thronies rejoice! XD]

    I can't believe this is how far the show has fallen.
  5. Aladyyn

    The Everything NHL Thread

    go blues
  6. Aladyyn

    Walrus A top Ten Walrus (Maybe even top 5!)

    This is my personal walrus nightmare. in
  7. Aladyyn

    Walrus Shub Walrus Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

    There will be an attempt from me
  8. Aladyyn

    Which irl sport has the most depth?

    This doesn't make sense to me. Having perfect information should make decision making less complex.